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           Contract Killer is fun and challenging game made by Glu for android and apple devices. In the game you are a hired gun looking to make money by any means necessary after being kicked out of the IPF Which is a government agency. You end off just getting by,by killing people for money. In the game you complete story missions and randomly generated missions to earn money and xp.During a mission you could be killing a whole gang,one person, or tranquilizing someone. Before each level loads, you are shown a picture of the primary target, along with secondary instructions.

            Levels consist of you (the contract killer) at a fixed position overlooking the play area. There are a number of buttons on your HUD which allow you to look down a scope, fire your gun, switch your weapon or duck behind cover.  Ina mission you have a health bar and if you get hit to many times you will die and fail the mission. You can bring medic kits to your mission to use when you run low on health. You also have to get the right amount of ammo. If you bring to little and you run out you will be stuck. It is better to come prepared with lots of ammo just in case you get ambushed in a mission.

       When you start the game you have an energy bar which shows you how many missions you can attempt. As you progress in the game you will get more energy capacity so you can complete more missions. There are over 10 missions to chose from at any given time. These missions are all random missions the story missions are in red and appear once in a while.  In order to progress in the game you have to complete lots of random missions. unless you spend real money and buy money for the game you will have to work hard to get money because ammo is expensive and you can easily spend more money on a mission then it pays.

            Contract Killer is constantly updated so even though there are only 17 story missions you will always have something to do in the game.


The Model

            Contract Killer's developer, Glu Mobile, also made a game called Big Time Gangster. The games that Glu makes are all free which is great but Glu makes a ton of money off of the premium currency available. The company purposely makes it hard for people who don't buy premium currency to progress in the game. If I spent $10 and bought some of the premium currency I would be almost finished with the game in a couple of days versus spending more time to build up money rather then buy it. This in a sense makes the games made by Glu more challenging and fun.

            A free way for Contract Killer users to get premium currency is to download apps. Glu has a list of apps some free some not that if you download they will give you premium credits for. For instance if I were to download  Big Time Gangster Glu Might give me 2 premium credits which I can use to buy almost anything from ammo to guns.

My Review


  •  The game can get boring after a while, all you do is kill people and the missions are always the same.
  • The story line is boring.
  • Buying items like energy power-ups and ammo is a money sink, keeping you from moving on to other guns

  • The randomly generated missions easy but you lose money a lot. You have to use your ammo wisely or else you will lose money.



  • The game is free.
    • The game is fun for the most part.

    • The game is easy.

    • This game allows users to play friends and other people and they constantly update the game which means you will always have something new on the game.

    • The game has few glitches.

     My Overall Rating


             Contract Killer has some good stuff about it and some bad stuff about it but in the end the game is pretty good compared to its competitors on the market. Out of 5 stars I give it 3 a  for the following reasons


    1. It has great design and graphics

    2. There are lots of missions to chose from

    3. The game is updated constantly

    4. Few ads

    5. Very few glitches

    6. Game can get boring because you are doing the same thing over and over.

    7. You have to wait for your energy bar to restore itself in order to complete more missions

    8. The game takes up a lot of space

    9. For 10 year old and up

    10. Game can get boring after a while

    11. You do the same thing over and over again.

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