If someone you love cannot stop nibbling on your nails,

Control-It Review: How to Stop Biting FingernailsCredit: AmazonWatching my son bite his fingernails from the age of six until he turned 10 was harder than I’d have thought. His little fingers looked so stubby and he was slowly but surely biting to the quick of the nail and shortening his nail bed. In the years he was nibbling on his nails he lost at least a quarter of the length of his nail bed overall.

My husband and I tried different ways how to stop biting fingernails with our son including putting bandages on his fingertips, putting a clear nail polish on them to make it more challenging for him to bite them, and even telling him he wouldn’t get his allowance if he bit his fingernails. We were positive that the allowance thing would do the trick, but it didn’t. While it saved us five dollars a week for about three months, it didn’t seem fair.

One day I was on Amazon, typed in “nail biting”, and up popped a few different paint-on type products that help stop nail biting. I called my 10-year-old over and showed them to him to ask him what he thought. He said, “That looks like nail polish, I’m a BOY mom!” Then I found the Control-It product listing. This product listing said WebMD recommends it and had one of the strongest success rates of products that help stop nail biting. I took that with my usual internet-sized grain of salt and dug a bit deeper. Turns out it was true – color me shocked!

I ordered the product and my son was actually excited when it arrived. He wanted to try it out and get help breaking his habit just as much as I wanted to see his nails and cuticles get healthier and stronger. The first application was just a fingertip dipped into the top of the cream, then rubbed into the surface of his fingernail and cuticle. The silly boy decided to taste it then said, “Mom, this is gonna work cause that stuff tastes horrible.” It has been just over three weeks since we tried this product, and he has not bitten his nails at all. He takes a bit too much pride in asking for his allowance weekly again, and I am starting to see some normal outgrowth of his fingernails.

The package we purchased on Amazon came with three small lip-balm sized jars of the product intended to last at least three weeks. With how little my son uses for his small nails and fingertips I think this would supply him for at least three months, no exaggeration. He applies the cream once a day, usually at my prompting. When I asked him to apply it twice a day, he told me he didn’t think he needed to and I took his word for it.

The Verdict: Control-It is definitely worth trying if you are looking for ways how to stop biting fingernails or someone you love is trying to stop biting fingernails. Other methods like covering the nails can work, but if the habit is ingrained, you may need to use a different approach like the one provided by this product.