Considered as one of the most common disease of glands with internal secretion, sugar disease or diabetes is caused by improper function of a certain part of pancreas. In diabetes patients the pancreas stops or slows down the production of insulin which is responsible for controlling the levels of glucose in the bloodstream, and if those levels aren't in proper proportions there can be serious health problems. This is then archived with insulin substitutes which can be taken in the form of a pills or injections, depending on the severity of the condition. Recent discoveries have shown that it could be possible to manage diabetes in a different way.

Main culprit for the development of diabetes Type 1, and as well some other autoimmune diseases is imbalance in the reactions of Th1 and Th2 cells. Individuals with diabetes Type 1, if they are not properly treated, could loose body weight, and if this goes on for a long time unchecked, it could lead to development of diabetic ketoacidosis. If ketoacidosis isn't properly managed it could lead to death, therefore proper discovery and treatment is very important.

Recently scientists have made a discovery which will help patient's who suffer from diabetes. They have made an announcement in the BMC Biotechnology magazine that they have successfully grown tobacco which can produce active interleukin 10. Interleukin 10 is a very powerful antiinflamatory cytokine which prevents the creation of sugar. Scientists say that interleukin 10 regulates immunological and inflammatory cell reactions and it is connected with numerous autoimmune diseases, among which is diabetes Type 1. Further research showed that green salad could also be used as a cure, it can also be grown to produce the helpful compound.

This would be tremendous achievement, which has numerous advantages. Scientists point out that we could save a lot of resources in health care if we implement this method of treatment, because instead of using expensive medical treatments we could simply chew tobacco or eat a meal with green salad. Tobacco and green salad could be grown in large quantities, and tobacco can even grow in inhospitable areas so this is another big plus when it comes to this kind of treatment. The main conclusion is that his form of treatment could be very cheap, efficient and effective, and it wouldn't impose on the lives of the individuals who are suffering from diabetes, because it could be incorporated in everyday meals.