Control high blood pressure Naturally

High blood pressure, which affects the lifestyle of millions of individuals, does not necessarily have to affect yours. By implementing small changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits, you can control high blood pressure without even having to undertake any medication. The following changes will significantly curb the occurrence of symptoms associated with a higher than normal range. 

A twenty minute walk a day will help maintain your hypertension, and might even lower it. The additional health benefits of walking which includes weight loss, only serves to accentuate the importance of taking a small stroll every day.

The Palaeolithic diet:
In most cases, hypertension comes as a result of eating foods that your body is not suited for. By following the Palaeolithic diet, an individual can significantly curtail his  pressure while eating healthy.  The diet consists of grass fed and free range meat, fish, eggs, organic, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits. These foods promote good blood circulation and a healthy heart system, which inherently controls your hypertension.

Studies have shown that meditation helps to improve blood circulation and also helps in the alleviation of stress. As such, meditating daily is one of the most effective ways to lower your blood pressure. Sit in a comfortable but quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose slowly. Doing this for five minutes at the start of your day can drastically improve the quality of your health. Practicing yoga or tai chi has similar effects.

Cut your salt intake:
Salt is a common contributor to hypertension. Large amounts of salt increases your heart rate, which consequently increases your blood pressure. However, to cut down on salt intake, you need to cut down on the consumption of processed foods. Additionally, you can replace salt with other herbs and spices which are salt-free.

Add potassium to your diet:
Potassium is a vital nutrient that maintains the condition of the human heart and helps in the removal of excess salt from the body. Consumption of potassium-rich foods such as spinach, bananas, avocado, and Brussels sprouts among others, will help in the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce caffeine consumption:
Consuming caffeine activates the stress response system of an individual. This increases the heart rate and subsequently, the blood pressure. As such, replace your caffeinated beverages with beverages such as green tea that are caffeine-free. 

Following a regular exercise routine and consuming a healthy and balanced diet are sufficient to maintain a healthy blood pressure. This will avoid the need to make frequent trips to the doctor and undertake medication. We all know that the health costs associated with an unhealthy lifestyle can be a financial burden. However, by implementing the aforementioned changes, you can significantly improve your personal and financial health.