Controlling Thoughts with positive expectation is something i have taught myself, in order to counter the non stop unproductive thinking that has ruled my life in the past for some time i have let my past hurts come flooding back to the stage where it becomes automatic to the stage where it reaches those emotional triggers and by that stage it's too late. I should also consider that my upbringing played a big part in who I am today and why i think the way i do, it is easier said than done to tell someone that they need to leave the past behind them (yeah right) if it were that easy we wouldn't need psychologist but the fact of the matter is that we choose to let our past rule our future. But at the end of the day there is a way out and it is to do with one word (A CHOICE) a choice to live in the now, or the choice to be ruled by our past .

And that is what positive expectation does , it puts us in the "now" or the moment, it is like a kid ready to go to the candy store, the child knows that there is going to be all sorts of candy and chocolates there but until they get there they will not know what to except, it's the pure excitement of just knowing they will get heaps of lollies and chocks, that is the feeling we need to feel once you can master this you will find that it is simply pure excitement.

For me it's a matter of excepting something good or life changing is going to happen any time in the future weather it be in the next few seconds the next hour or what ever, if one feels the excitement of knowing something important is going to happen to them, it makes us look towards the future and to let the past lie, it puts us in the moment and gets rid of all those noisy negatives.

I hope this may help anyone out there that tends to be trapped in past controlling thoughts or even thinking the worst of the future. Thought control is easy for some and yet hard for most, but with persistence and determination it is well worth training your mind to think ahead, because if you let your mind wonder and think negative thoughts, it will bring upon you what you except, and if you expect the best things in life then that's what will happen.