Often times when we think of our military, we instantly think of a uniform, whether it is the dress uniform or the classic camouflage and combat boots. It paints a picture in our minds of all of the qualities that the men and women of our armed forces have. As of lately though, when we think of our military we think of the current war. We have pictures of battle and bloodshed in our minds. One major quality of not just our heroes individually, but as a whole military, is that they never leave anyone behind. If they have to go into the territory of a war zone, we can not help but worry about them and their safety. Though there are many medical units ready for anything within a matter of seconds, there sadly, are times when it may take a little longer for a medical unit to arrive depending on location of our wounded warriors.

With our men and women in uniform, there are all sorts of equipment and gear that could help prevent wounds and injuries; in a battle zone, however, if they are wounded, in what seems to be the middle of nowhere, and have a significant amount of blood loss, some of the equipment may not be as easily put to use as others. So we think to ourselves, if they have all of this equipment used for medical purposes, but are in a position preventing the use of it, what can they do for a 'quick fix' until the medical unit arrives? With many hours of thought and innovation, a man by the name of Dr. Keith Rose came up with the Integrated Tourniquet System for apparel worn by our military's personnel.

This system consists of four tourniquets in the shirt, four tourniquets in the pants and two tourniquets in the short sleeve shirt. Their position is correct and oriented to the upper and lower extremities. This apparel can be worn under the gear of our heroes, and the owner of this apparel can wear it during training without having to replace the tourniquets after a single use, enabling them to wear it during tactical operations as well. Sad, but true, many of our armed forces members lose limbs due to injuries that can not be treated right away, most often, due to location. By wearing apparel with the I.T.S, their chances of keeping a limb, by preventing the loss of massive amounts of blood, are very high. For those of you going into a battle zone, or for those of you that have a loved one that is soon going to face war, I would highly recommend this apparel. Not only could it help save the life of the person wearing it, but it could help save the life of a comrade as well.

The Soldiers, Marines, Airman, Sailors and Coast Guard members of this country do so much on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the civilians of this nation and they deserve only the best of protection for themselves. If you are a military member, family of or a friend of our armed forces, make sure that you or your loved one has this apparel in his or her duffle bag and at the ready to either be put on before training or to be easily accessed if needed.

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