These horrible little creatures can be very tuff to kill...And Controlling Termites can be a particular daunting task. Most of the creepy crawly pests that homeowners have to deal with can be very speedily and easily gotten rid of, oftentimes with only a rolled up newspaper. Termites on the other hand are a pest that exists in a community with a social structure, and that community can be as far away as a hundred meters from wherever they're discovered.

Termites are subterraneous by nature signifying that they dwell [as a whole] and live underground, getting at their food source from the ground up. When termites have discovered a food source they'll dig a tunnel through the ground to get to it. You'll not be able to see this tunnel and actually, will never find it. This burrow extends from the termite colony to the food source and can be rather a wide-spread tunnel. Frequently a termite burrow can be spacious enough to allow ten termites abreast [or sometimes even more] meaning that there's a really big highway with each termite entering into your house to get a mouthful and go back to the colony.

Since the [link] of these pests to the structure is well hidden it's a very difficult task controlling termites to stop their advancement. With the proper Termite Control Methods you'll be able to get control of the problem quickly. If you've seen one of them it's likely because you've found some destroyed wood and seen them inside it, picked up a chunk of wood in your yard and discovered them on the bottom of it, or knocked their tunnel, breaking it apart and exposing them. The termites that you see are not the ones to worry about, these termites are attached to a colony that may have up to 2 million individuals depending on which particular species that has taken root.

The ideal resolution To Kill Termites is to find their colony and exterminate it. However this is a lot easier said than done since a lot of species of termite will make their home underground, inside a tree stump, under a tree stump or an retaining wall nearby.

Controling termitesIf you can't turn up the colony to destroy it then controlling termites leaves you basically with two choices, the first choice is to bait the termites at the location you have discovered them, or the second choice use a termiticide to treat the ground around the structure to keep them away. A third but slightly less often used method is to put a toxicant on the live termites where you have found them, hoping that there's enough of the toxicant that it will be brought back and spread to the rest of the colony to achieve Termite Extermination.

If a homeowner is prepared to take an unnecessary risk to family and pets and try controlling termites infestation by themselves. This is not usually a good idea, since the failure rate is very high, there are even some pest control companies who have tried and failed to get rid of a termite problem for the homeowner, if these knowledgeable people can't kill them, should you even try?

I believe it's a real good idea to find a specialist termite control company that used experts, and  is fully insured, licensed and gives you a written guarantee. Get several quotes in writing and ask for references from satisfied customers. Take a few minutes and search online for damage done to homes by these little pests. Once they've eaten your home, it can cost thousands to fix the damage.