There is much Controversy revolving around genetic engineering. I have presented two sides of the argument and a summary of current public opinion.

It is wrong to "edit" our DNA and change babies to make them grow or develop a certain way. We should leave nature to decide what human beings are like.

Nature has its own course and plan for how we should develop, change, and evolve to fit our environment. If we change our DNA and make ourselves "Superhuman" then we are changing mother nature's plan without even know what it is. This could change our future and eventually we could be wiped out because we failed to change something about ourselves that mother nature would have done for us. Being able to change the way we develop and become could possibly change the way we feel and affect our brain in ways we don't understand. It could change the way people think about the world and each other in ways we don't understand. The repercussions of changing our bio-chemistry would mean that we couldn't use what we already know to understand the changes, we would have no understanding of how these genetically changed people would think and feel. Changing humans means new different people. How are these new people going to integrate into society? They could be "better" or "worse" and they might relate and act in similar ways to each other but not to the rest of the human race. We can't predict what will happen if we can't relate them to things we already know and understand.

It is a great idea to pursue and attempt to "edit" or change our DNA to our advantage. We should begin to change every baby to build a more successful, powerful, more intelligent society. It could fix world problems! We could destroy wars, poverty, and illiteracy, and make everyone happy!

Being able to change our DNA would allow us to un-write mother nature's mistakes of the past. We can make ourselves more physically and mentally advanced and more able to adapt to a new environment. It could change us physically and allow us to do more physically and survive in more hostile environments. We could change us to not have to rely on certain things like water, and therefore we could reduce the amount of resources we needed for the planet. Along this same line of thinking, we could remove the number of things we are dependent on as a species. If we could change the way our brains developed and functioned we could not only eradicate all mental illness, but we could make our human brains more powerful. To be able to enhance our mental abilities, would be incredible for the human race. We could excel our memory, and heighten our learning speed. It would allow us to educate the population very fast and then people could start working at a younger age and it would advance our civilization immensely. We also wouldn't have to spend money on supporting mentally ill people. It would allow us to merge groups of people as one and make us feel more connected as a species. Language separations, learning style separations, intelligence differences, physical differences, it would allow us to make everyone similar and eradicate all conflicts caused by different people.

Public Opinion

I have concluded that the public opinion on genetic engineering is that it is not right to genetically modify a baby unless it has health problems. The general population votes against editing it for gender, appearance, or making a "super baby", but votes for medically helping it to survive. If the baby has a health problem that will affect it for the rest of its life, the general public believes it ok to genetical alter or change the baby to make it better. The least acceptable genetic change is gender with a 14% believing it is ok, and a 86% saying its not. One of the most curious statistics was morality. Only 64% of people said it was morally wrong to genetically change a baby, but anywhere from 12-22% voted that they would choose not to genetically change a baby. This shows that some of it is human preference; although it may not be seen as "wrong", they don't want to do it themselves. When you look at the men/women scores, you see that women are very much against changing the baby (scoring around 5.5%), unless the baby has a health issue (whereas it rises to 68%). The men on the other hand, are more open to changing the baby for other reasons. Although they still vote more on health reasons then women, they vote a lot higher on appearance, gender, super babies, and for genetic engineering to be morally OK. Overall, the final results state that the only reason it is morally OK to genetically modify a baby is when it has health issues.