Any man who has ever being in a relationship will be able to relate to this. It is almost impossible to "fully" satisfy a woman. I am not talking about sexuality but rather in almost every aspect of life. This article might come across as a little misogynistic, but everyone needs to keep a cool head. There are a lot of complex reasons why women and satisfaction are not joined at the hip. I will be analyzing a few situations so that we can all get a better idea of the subject. Some women might agree with this and other would say it is a load of garbage. The beauty of it all is that everyone is entitled to his opinion. Agreeing of disagreeing doesn't change the facts. These observations might not be based on some scientific studies but most of us don't need a PhD in human psychology to figure out what we experience on a daily basis.

Feminism: The movement has achieved a lot for womankind but equality has never being attained. Why? Because equality doesn't make sense. Women and men are different and that has both advantages and disadvantages. If you look into the current Ladette culture, you will see how so many young women have missed the point. Some women are striving to move forward whilst others are busy knocking back the effort made over the years. What is the point of getting drunk and behaving disorderly just to prove that what a man can do, a woman can do better? What about the idea that men discriminate against women when it comes go going topless. Would we achieve equality if women were allowed to go topless just like men? That will be missing the point and I think a lot of fathers will be against any move that will allow that.

Raising children: Women have tried to be all things to all people but that is just not possible. Some women have tried to raise their children and have a career. The consequences have not all been positive. Some celebrities have been able to do so but at what cost? Look at this situation from the point of view of other women. A woman will criticize another mother for being a stay at home mother, hence lazy. The stay-at-home mother will criticize the other for spending little time with her children. In other words she is a bad mother. In both situations, each one will really like to be in the shoe of the other. The stay at home mum will long to get out of the daily chores of dealing with the children and face the challenges of having to work outside of the home. Whereas, the mother who is trying to juggle her career and raising her children will secretly wish she could be a stay-at-home mother. There is no satisfaction either way.

Husband: A lot of women are contented with their partner but would wish he was just a little more like Brad Pitt or George Clooney. Other women would wish their husband be more romantic and caring. Others would wish that he helps out in the house and be a good cook. There are the fortunate ones who have a husband who is a good cook, romantic, caring and good looking. However, they will still not be satisfied because he cannot not keep a steady job and he earns little to nothing to maintain the family.

Children: Most mothers would secretly wish their children are intelligent and good looking. A they say, the apple doesn't fall from the tree. You get what you get and that is all there is to the story. Most mothers tend to think their number one priority is their children. They sometimes neglect themselves and their marriage just because the children need attention. There seem to be some form of competition between mothers. They want to be praised for being the best mother there is. Better than the ones in the neighborhood.

Dressing: Why do women hate wearing the same dress to the same events? Women will be mortified to arrive at a party wearing the exact same dress, design, color as another woman. If they live close enough, they would go home and change. Men will find that rather amusing and might even become friends with the other guy.

Shoes, Bags, Accessories: Women sometimes feel they need a different bag, pair of shoes to match that new dress. They can't seem to get enough. The more they shop, they more they want to. Maybe that is why someone coined the phrase "shopping therapy".

I love you: No matter how many times you tell your other half you love her, it will never be enough; You will still hear her complain about you not being caring enough. It just seems never to be enough. That is what makes us different. Of course men also complain about other things. How many men would love to get more intimacy from their wife? You will be surprise how many times it is just not enough. That being said, we are not here to talk about men but about when and satisfaction.

Another Pretty Woman: Women can't deal with the fact that they are not the center of attention. If a pretty woman walks into the room, all the others will have something disparaging to say about her.

Sex: I am tired. That is a sentence invented by women. Women will accuse men of being obsessed with sex, that they come too soon, that they come too late; that they are too small; I can't come because you are not good enough; this list is just endless. The more you perform the better you need to be otherwise, you will get bored. You need to be an entertainer and a sex god without the intimacy.

Well, someone once said that chivalry died a long time ago. He later added, "women killed it". If you think it through, it is impossible to satisfy a woman because "satisfaction" is a moving target. When you think you are beginning to get close, something happens to burst your bubble and send you back to square one.