Keeping Home Movies

Converting 8mm and other video tapes to DVD is a smart way to keep your home movies safe and get them set up for quick viewing on your home theater system. The process is simple whether you want to tackle the job yourself of have it done for you, so there is no reason to delay.

Why Convert Home Movies to DVD?

It's a smart idea to digitize home movies since past-generation magnetic tapes will wear out over time or will ultimately break. Holding home movies on DVD is a more secure way to keep your cherished movies so that they will last a long time.

From a space perspective, a single DVD will hold much more content than a single 8mm movie tape or VHS tape. That means you can clear out some clutter in your movie cabinet since DVDs will take up less room.

The best reason to convert your movies is for the ease of viewing. Finding the cords or conversion cassettes to watch old 8mm tapes on your modern TV is a pain. With a common DVD, watching your home movies is as easy as popping it into your DVD player.

Converting Home Movies Yourself

If you want to convert your home movies to DVD without help from anyone else you can do it. What you will need to get the job done is a DVD recorder. You can find these as stand along units that will double as your DVD player, or you can pick up a VCR/DVD player and recorder that makes the process of converting video tapes to DVD even easier.

Then, you can just play your movie on your home television while recording with your DVD recorder. This is a fairly simple process.

The cost of doing it yourself is reasonable. If you have lots of movies you will pay a price to have them done professionally, so using that money to add a DVD recorder to your home is like spending that money and having something left to show for it once your home movie conversion project is over.

The downside is that it takes time and you will need to work through the process and go out and buy the proper DVDs. You will also have to make decisions on how many movies will fit on each DVD and how to stamp or label them.

Professional 8mm or VHS File Transfer

If you want to take the easy route or just don't want to spend the time to do it yourself, send your home movies to a professional company that converts home movies to DVD.

The primary benefits of letting a professional do it is that they do all the work. That includes the time that it takes to transfer the movies as well as labeling the DVDs. In fact, you should expect quality labels or even laser printed DVDs when having the job done for you.

In addition, you won't have to worry about the size and quality of the DVDs you select. A professional company will know what the best options are and set up you new movie DVDs will be just right. You might also enjoy a backup at their site or a warranty.

Time to Modernize

It doesn't really matter if you do it yourself of have it done for you. Either way, home movie conversion to DVD will shrink the size of your collection and protect your valued movies by digitizing them. Converting 8mm and video tapes to DVD makes good sense.