Changing Your Family's Diet

Eating for a Healthier You

People have been discussing eating healthy for years. With fast food restaurants on every corner and a lot of them having play areas inside them for children, it can make eating healthy a difficult thing. Time constraints are another issue that makes home made healthy meals a daunting thought.

 Diseases such as: diabetes, kidney diseases, celiac and food allergies can make life a little more stressed as the growing need for strict dietary restrictions become more of a necessity. Then there is the concern of the cost of healthier foods. There is hope though for both the cost and the time to make tasty, healthy, home made meals for your loved ones.

 Crock-pot meals

 Your crock-pot can be your best friend when preparing meals that don’t take a lot of time. Pot roast, chicken, soups, even desserts can be made by quickly throwing a few ingredients into the bowl, turning the crock-pot on and going about your day. You are only limited by your imagination with what you can make with your crock-pot.


 Always make more than what you need. No, this is not so that it can go to waste in the refrigerator. If you make double what you need for one family sized meal, you can freeze the rest and use it for a night when time is very restricted. If you cook meats for dinner, take the extra pieces and use them to top a salad with. This can be used to take for lunch the next day. That eliminates the problem of both healthy eating and spending the extra money to eat out.

 Elimination of foods

 The process of removing foods from your family’s diet can be a stressful one. If the reasons that you are changing diet are for general health reasons, you can start off slowly. Start by removing a couple of items at a time. If you are changing diets because of something more serious, things might be a little more difficult, however, they are necessary. You will have to change things right away. A lot of people have more of a problem knowing they can’t eat something and therefore they end up craving it more. If you can no longer eat wheat, you can still enjoy gluten free pasta and breads. If you can no longer have dairy products, start experimenting with dairy free drinks, such as: coconut, almond, soy or rice milk. A lot of these can come in different flavors as well. If you can no longer eat the excess sugars, start by switching over to sugar free sweeteners and cutting back on your carb intake. For people who eat a lot of pasta and breads try to reduce the amount you eat on a daily basis. If you crave candy, try reducing the amount that you eat and eat sugar free candy. Use natural sugars- fruits- to satisfy your sweet tooth rather than reaching for that candy bar.

 Mental outlook on your new lifestyle

 Don’t think of the change as a “diet”. It’s common with people to hear the word “diet” and all of a sudden feel like they are starving and give up. This is a lifestyle and needs to be thought of in a positive way. These small changes, as enormous as they may seem at the time, are going to make a large and positive impact on your life and the lives of those around you.