My ancestors traveled over from Wales by ship and eventually ended up in Utah and Idaho. My girlfriend would not go to the corner of the block with a Mormon missionary, however my ancestors not only met with missionaries who converted them to the LDS faith, but the church also encouraged them to travel by ship to come to the United States. After they arrive in the United States they traveled pioneer style to the Great State of Utah.

I am trying to convince my girlfriend to move. I do not want to leave my daughter, so I want my daughter and her mom to move too. When trying to convince her I could make a lot more money elsewhere, as well as also having more opportunities, all I get is a "I don't think so!". WTF, my ancestors easily convinced there wife's to not only join a new church that was considered strange by many at the time (The Mormons), but to also come to the United States, and then travel by Wagon to Utah.

How did these great great grandfathers of mine convince their wives to come to America? I can not convince mine to move 50 miles much less to a new country.

After thinking about this for a long period of time I came to the realization that it was faith, not necessarily faith in the church, but faith in their husbands. Those pioneer women who emigrated from Wales to the United States had faith that their husband was going to be able to give them a better life. My woman…She has very little faith in me. That's pretty understandable, though I'd like to prove her wrong.

Now here's the Dilemma, do I stay here In Idaho or do I pursue a great opportunity in Las Vegas? I do not want to leave my daughter, but with my opportunity I could alternate back and forth between Las Vegas and Idaho. Even when I was staying in Las Vegas I am sure my daughter and her mom would come visit me.

I do see how my daughters growing and do not want to miss out on that, but if I can not make some changes to my lifestyle then I will be stuck in a rut. I have faith in myself, but I would have more elsewhere.

When deciding what to do I look back at my ancestors and wonder what they would do in my position. I have a really great vision of what they would do, so I will do that. Some of my forefathers were farmers. I will become a farmer. Not a traditional farmer, but a farmer who grows articles. I will plant my keywords in articles and watch my crops (earnings) arise out of a small seedling.

I will increase my acreage by writing a lot of articles for web content websites such as InfoBarrel. I will make myself a millionaire (or at least a few thousand a month) by writing online. Once I am making great money I can purchase the High Rise Condo unit in Las Vegas I so desire.

Once the money is rolling in, and the furniture is moved into the new condo unit, I am sure my family would like to spend more time down in Las Vegas. If my ancestors can do it, so can I.