Convincing Arguments For Artificial Christmas TreesChristmas is fast approaching and people who do not yet have a tree will have to choose between artificial Christmas trees or live Christmas trees. This article will focus on reasons why you should consider buying the artificial variety and we will explore live Christmas trees in a different article. Before we delve further into the pros and cons, I would like to recommend to you, from personal experience, to never give artificial Christmas trees as gifts on Christmas to people who have only ever used live trees. It's better to start talking about the switch many months in advance of the holiday season. Below are some arguments you can use to convince that special someone who doesn't want to make the switch.


• Variety: There is lots of variety in artificial Christmas trees in the market today. You can buy aluminum trees, fiber optic trees, trees that come pre-lighted, and the classic bare tree that looks like a tree. They also come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes and when you get them decorated it's very hard to tell a live tree from an artificial one.
• No Drooping Limbs or Watering: Over time the limbs of a live tree can begin to lose their stiffness under the weight of your ornaments. I have seen ornaments fall off because of this drooping. Oh, and artificial Christmas trees don't need water unlike live ones.
• Safety: Artificial trees are much more fire resistant (not fire proof) because most are made from PVC versus real wood and drying needles on real trees.
• Environmental Footprint: Trees will be saved if you use an artificial tree. Does it outweigh the cost and energy used to produce one? This debate is for another article.
• No Needles: Once you cut a live tree down the needles aren't going to stay on there forever; they will fall off and someone will have to clean them up.
• Easier To Put Up and Take Down: Anyone who has ever wrestled carrying in and out a live Christmas tree knows exactly how hard that is, especially if you don't have help. Artificial Christmas trees can easily be put up and taken down by one person if need be, and can be just as easily brought home by one person.


• No Real Tree Smell: There are ways around this if you are willing to buy essential oils or scents that smell similar to living trees. These scents are widely available in stores or online. The smell of live trees wears off considerably in a few days, anyway.
• Price: They often cost more than a live tree but a basic, no frills artificial tree can last for years if taken care of and you can recoup your investment within a few years depending on what type of tree you buy. And don't forget the time you will save by not having to go out year after year for a live tree. Many times you can buy a great looking artificial tree at yard sales for next to nothing.

So while there may be many arguments against artificial trees, there are many more pros than cons.  Artificial trees, if cared for properly in the off-season, can last your family an entire lifetime.  Buy right at the outset, and you'll enjoy your tree every single year.

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