The next time you go out bush and sit around your camp fire you need to think about new ways of cooking your meals.There is nothing better than a meal cooked over the camp fire on a clear night while sitting under the stars. If you thought you were hungry then wait until the aroma coming from the camp oven reaches your nostrils.You will be surprised by the taste of natural open fire cooking.


I cannot shirk my responsibilities, so I have to warn you never to leave a fire burning overnight especially in the middle of summer with the dry grasses easily catching fire from a spark escaping.Never leave a fire unattended and always put it out before leaving that area.Our countryside is too beautiful to have it and our natural fauna and flora destroyed by an irresponsible or thoughtless person. Sometimes you may think the fire is out although wood can smolder for weeks and months after a bushfire, so please be careful.

I would now like to share some of the recipes we have tried and tasted throughout our travels while camping around Australia. For those who do not know about our Aussie outback tucker, a damper is like bread. And the billy tea is the same tea you make at home only with tea leaves and not a tea bag.

Camp Cooking: 100 Years
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This book is a tribute to the Forest Service employees and the wives who did it tough having to improvise with new ideas for cooking scrumptious meals in the forrest.

Auzzie beer damper cooked on camp fire


This is a bacon and onion one I did


  • 2 schooners of SR Flour
  • 1 schooner of Whole meal flour (optional) you can use all SR flour
  • 2 crown bottle tops sugar
  • 5 crown bottle tops mixed herbs
  • 1/2 bottle top salt
  • 1 stubby of beer 375ml (or water if preferred) beer tastes better


  • Place all dry ingredients into bowl and make a well in the center
  • Pour stubby of beer into the center and mix well with a knife until it forms a sticky dough
  • Turn out onto floured board and knead into a round shape
  • Score a couple of marks across the top with a knife
  • Place this damper into a hot camp oven over hot coals and add hot coals onto the lid
  • Cooking time 1/2 hour, if coals are too hot you may need to check after 10 minutes. If this is the case move some of coals away and cook for further 15 or so minutes.
  • When cooked and still hot slice and spread with butter, then add your choice of golden syrup, Vegemite, jam or honey.
  • Now you will of course need to wash it down with a stubby of beer. If the first one fails, try again, because it is worth getting it right.
  • Australian terminology - Aussie slang
  • Schooner is beer glass or 1 cup
  • Bottle top is crown seal or 1 teaspoon

A true Aussie would probably drink a few stubbies while this is cooking, but that is your choice.

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This is the closest I could find to the old billy can tea kettle. You can make a great cuppa in these

Billy Tea

Things you will need:

  • Billy can
  • Tea leaves(or tea bags)
  • Water

You can also add a couple of eucalyptus leaves for a different flavor(optional).

Bring a Billy can of water to the boil over a hot camp fire. Use a stick to remove the lid so you don't burn your fingers.Toss a handful of tea leaves or tea bags into the Billy and wait until it brews. A true bushman would swing the Billy around his head to settle the tea leaves. Do not try this with boiling water until you know exactly what you are doing.I would not like to see you burn yourself, do not do this without experience.


You left it too late to relax in this bath tub after your meal


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This is already Pre-seasoned ready for you to cook that next great meal on the open fire. This one you can invert the lid to use as a griddle, what could be simpler no need to carry another griddle. It measures approx 12 by 12 x 5 inches high and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Kangaroo Tail Stew

You will need:

  • Camp oven
  • 1 Kangaroo tail(or mutton)
  • 4 potatoes
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 onions
  • (Other veggies of your choice)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil


Remove the skin (unless you like eating fur) and joint the tail. Slice up onions and brown with the meat with a little oil.Cut or dice up the veggies and place in pot with 1-2 cups water and add seasoning of your choice. Cook until tender and serve with your Aussie beer damper and of course another stubby of beer.

If you cant be bothered cooking duck down the shop and buy one of our great Aussie meat pies. This could be a kangaroo, curry or just the Aussie meat pie. And don't forget to add some tomato sauce.

Remember to cover that open fire with sand before leaving your campsite. Hope you enjoy our Australian hospitality and sharing of our cooking secrets. Anyone can cook everything in a camp oven


Rome Industries 1705 Pie Iron Sandwich Cooker
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They call these Pie irons but I will always call them a Jaffa maker which you use two pieces of bread and fill it with recipies of your choice.
These types of irons have not changed since 1964 thats how good they are and are 28inches in length.

Making Jaffas

Things you will need:

  • Jaffa or pie maker
  • Bread
  • fillings
  • open fire or gas jet (open fire gives these a great taste)


  • First you need to light a fire no it doesnt need to be a big one.
  • Spread bread with butter or margarine
  • Place bread butter side down in jaffa maker
  • Add your filling and seasoning
  • Place another piece of bread on top butter side up
  • Close jaffa and place on fire
  • Check after couple of minutes when cooked turn over and cook other side.
  • Now eat and enjoy. If still hungry make another one.

Remember to make sure you put that fire out. Cover completely with sand as the wind could set it going again.


You can use your imagination with these. Bacon and egg, baked beans, left overs from last night.  What ever you like to eat in a sandwhich you can cook in these.

Note: I would not suggest salads though.