Cookery Course

Cookery Courses are incredibly popular, with seemingly thousands to choose from.

A single or two day course could be a fantastic present for a loved one or it might be so you can learn to make something you’ve always wanted to, it could even be the stepping stone to a deciding that you really do want to undergo more serious chef training and sign up for a professional cooking course at a renowned culinary institute.

What kinds of Cookery Classes are out there?

You could use your imagination and still not come anywhere close to identifying all the options; there are courses for French cooking, for Italian Cooking, you can take a baking class or learn from a pastry chef, maybe you never did learn to cook properly and you are looking for a beginner cooking class, these and many more options are out there.

Almost every type of food is covered by a course somewhere; seafood, meat, vegan, chocolate, bread and baking, desserts, sushi and curries.

There are also courses for men only, women only and of course children and teenagers, why not treat someone to a course, and then have them treat you to a fine meal in return?

Where can I find cookery courses?

Most towns that have a college that offers adult education will run evening courses, and these will often also be the cheapest, at the other end of the scale many famous restaurants and chefs now offer a cookery school where you can learn professional cooking techniques in Michelin starred kitchens.

Most countries have at least one culinary institute, and the USA and UK have some of the top culinary schools in the world.

It is unusual, but not unheard of, to find a course led by culinary celebrities, such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, however, when they do appear there is often a waiting list and places go within minutes.

Cookery course holidays

Many people are also taking the opportunity to take a cooking course while on holiday, choosing the destination because they want to learn traditional Tuscan cookery in Tuscany, Patisserie in Paris, Barbecue in Sidney or Seafood in Padstow.  There surely can be nothing better than to learn a style of cooking in the place it originated or is practiced to perfection!

Ingredients, tasting and the senses.

Are you also interested in learning where the ingredients come from and how to identify and purchase top quality items? There are courses that combine this aspect of the culinary arts with preparation and cooking, giving you full cooking experience.

How about learning how to catch, trap or forage your favourite food? Or even for unusual and difficult to find items? Catch-it and cook-it courses are very popular with options to fish and hunt as well as learning to butcher meats and create your own charcuterie. These are also a great option if you want to learn how to identify edible wild foods, and avoid unpleasant or even poisonous mistakes.

Some courses combine wine pairing or offer help understanding how complimentary flavours and dishes build a complete menu. Why not start with your food passions and explore from there.

Cooking for occasions.

A certain times of the year, normally to coincide with the lead up to a festival or holiday, you can find courses for Christmas or Thanks-giving, as well as other religious feasts and celebrations, as well as courses covering large occasions and dinner parties. These would be a great idea if you wanted to boost your confidence and really entertain your guests!

Depending on the course you may eat your creation there and then, or be given the opportunity to take the items home to share or savour another day, what a great way to reward a person who gave you the course as a present or just show off your new skills!