If you have someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen to buy for this year, you'll be thinking of Cooking Gift ideas I'm sure. With more of us looking to times past, and a more natural approach to food, Home Canning has really started to surge in popularity again. Perhaps it is time for the Cook in your life to start canning produce themselves. So why not try the Ball Canning Starter Kit as a perfect Cook's Gift this year?

Included in the Ball Canning Kit is absolutely everything needed to create great preserves at home:

  1. A 21 quart waterbath canner ensures your preserves are safely heat treated.
  2. 6 canning jars with lids mean your cook can start canning immediately.
  3. A canning jar rack ensures glass remains free of cracks or faults.
  4. A jar lifter keeps things safe when dealing with hot preserves.
  5. A canning funnel with wide opening keeps mess to a minimum and allows for hassle free filling of canning jars.
  6. A lid wand and bubble freer do what you'd imagine and really do make home canning easier.
  7. The Ball Blue Canning Instruction Book provides everything even a complete beginner needs to start canning.

Kitchen Gift Ideas can be notoriously expensive. But the Ball Home Canning Starter Kit is a snip at under $50.

Home Canning is not a tough pass-time. It's fun and truly rewarding 'putting things by' to be enjoyed in the months to come. It is seen as the pass-time of keen gardeners who enjoy gluts of produce as the seasons change. But in fact, we can all benefit from canning produce at home. When produce is in season it can be bought at a fraction of its off-season prices. So it is worth buying in season and preserving your food to enjoy when prices are high.

Whether the cook in your life has canned previously or not, the Starter Kit provides all the basics needed to produce any good homemade preserves. For those who occasionally dabble with Home Canning, making do with ordinary kitchen utensils the Ball Canning Kit is invaluable. Everything dedicated to home canning, no making do with rattling jars in a too small kettle. No more nearly dropped hot jars of preserves. The ideal Canning Gifts for the novice or utensilly challenged cook.

An ideal Cooking Gift Idea for the cook in your family. Get them started on this rewarding an highly fashionable pass-time. Of course, for you, more lovely home-made preserves to enjoy. The Ball Canning Starter Kit is definitely worth every penny!