cooking over wood fire


Cooking over a wood fire gives your food a great taste that cannot be described. It just tastes different, and I mean is a great way!

We discovered just how good this all tasted, after a few days at a rental cottage. This cottage was suppose to have all the amenities you could want. Dishwasher, fridge, microwave, hot shower and more. No one was going to be roughing it, and it was on the water. This all sounded great.

As we packed up to head to this cottage on Georgian Bay, we just assumed with having all of these extras, that there would be a propane barbeque. We got to the cottage, and quickly discovered after unpacking all the food and especially the steaks for dinner, that this was not so, as we pulled the cover off of the barbeque on the deck..

We stared at this ancient barbeque, that obviously used charcoals, and all just stared. No one had thought to bring charcoal, and everyone had already got into the "beverages" so no one was venturing out. We didn't want to cook the steaks on the stove, so we decided that cooking over a wood fire would have to be the way. We had heard of it, but no one had actually done it. This was to be an exciting project!


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So everyone started looking for firewood. There had been a pile left for the fire pit, but we only wanted smaller pieces, as you need the wood to turn to hot coals and embers before you cook over it. So, using a large log in this case was not the best way for cooking over a fire, unless you wanted to eat at midnight.

After gathering lots of smaller dried branches, we got to work setting this on fire with newspaper, then we had to wait it out. We suddenly all felt like we were "roughing it" as we tried to figure out this cooking, and how we were going to do it. We had all become used to just turning on a knob and on pops the barbeque, and we could even control the temperature somewhat. This was not what we were used to.

So after about an hour the coals formed in the base of the barbeque from the burning wood, and then we cleaned the grill and plopped on the steaks, and hoped for the best.

We had completely used up the branch pile, so this had to work. Of course there were a few more beverages being passed around while this project of cooking was under way.

When it came time to sit down and eat, everyone was amazed at just how good these steaks tasted. They just tasted different then what you would get from the typical gas barbeque or even a charcoal one. I had honestly not used a coal one for years, and to actually go and gather firewood for cooking, felt liberating! We had to work for our dinner.

But what a taste it was. I think when we get home from the cottage, I might just look at getting myself a plain barbeque, and fill it with wood. Gather all those twigs laying around, and cook my dinner! Cooking over a wood grill, tastes and smells divine. You need to be able to plan and time your dinner, and that, is why the gas barbeque became so popular. When it first came out, many people didn't want to give up their charcoal style barbeques, but as the convenience of a gas barbeque became obvious for busy people, then the charcoal barbeque that took a good hour to get going and some planning slowly went by the wayside.

With a gas barbeque you can have a barbeque even on week nights. No longer was the barbeque reserved for those lazy weekends when you had the time to deal with charcoal or wood.

The new gas barbeques have all the bells and whistles, some with large grills, side burners, warming shelves and more. Feels more like your kitchen setup than a barbeque. These can get to be a hefty price too! Outdoor kitchens are becoming the norm, and that poor old charcoal barbeque, which did not have any bells and whistles, simply a metal drum that you filled with charcoal or wood has almost disappeared from home improvement centers.

But, cooking over a wood grill, certainly gives you a taste that makes you want to try it again. No you can't control the temperature with the turn of a knob, and I am sure after awhile, you will get used to the quantity of twigs and branches that you will need for a bed of coals.

This beats out gas barbeques and old fashioned charcoal barbeques, hands down (in my opinion of course!) so this summer, slow it down, take the time, and try cooking over a wood grill for your next barbeque and enjoy the tastes of summer!

Cook-Air EP-3620BK Wood Fired Portable Grill, Black
Amazon Price: $149.00 $146.46 Buy Now
(price as of May 6, 2016)