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There was a time when if someone said a thing on television I had this insane idea the thing said was valid, proven true, and trustworthy always.  Well, pretty obviously there's nothing wise about that assumption.  I remember the 90's and all that low fat craze.  I was there.  Those were some of the least happy years of my life.  I'm sure the improper eating played heavily into it.

Nope, I never once said to myself, "I'm going to eat low fat!"  In fact, I surely said the opposite, as in those years I was terribly skinny, and thought I was unattractive for being too thin. The thing about it all was, I didn't know how to cook, and so I had a tendency to just think whatever the things others were eating was what I should be eating.  What a recipe for disaster!

These days, I eat whatever I want to eat.  I'm just that guy who's not going to have a weight problem; but I am every bit as affected by the foods I eat as everyone else is.  I am now extremely conscious of what I eat.  I eat a high fat diet, a high animal fat and protein diet. When I'm cooking lean meats for myself, I cook them in lard, but the stuff works very well on vegetables as well.  I especially enjoy making my own French fries using lard.

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I understand completely some people may think of using animal products as food as immoral.  It isn't immoral outside of an individual subjective immorality.  It isn't objectively immoral to eat meat, or to use lard or any other animal product. One glance at the history of humanity and one is forced to realize a high animal fat diet is what allowed us to get here through the hardest times, and was always something humanity thrived by using[1]. In fact, the worse thing about fat in our earlier years as a species was how it was sometimes very difficult to get.

From my perspective as of now, I've no idea if the campaign to convince Americans that all animal fat is unhealthy which ran from the 1960's to the 1990's was more an anti-health conspiracy in favor of the health care and pharmaceutical industry, or just stupidity, or even simple error.  That such a thing existed is beyond question, and that it benefitted the producers of modified foods, processed foods, and vegetable fat products can't be questioned. Proctor and Gamble, an international corporation with no science to back up its persistent claims that vegetable fat was more healthy than animal fat made the most of the propaganda via the ubiquitous sales of their Crisco[2] cottonseed oil.  Later, Proctor and Gamble would promote an even worse product, Olestra[3].

It should seem common sense the foods a thousand generations of humans used to survive are foods the human physiological form is adapted to use and deal with.  Imagine were something awful to happen where you live, would you be able to make your own Crisco?  No, no you would not.  You could, however, make your own lard should you have a pig or another animal of that nature.  Processed foods are never good for you[4].  You can't make them yourself, and you can't make the pharmaceuticals you wind up needing for the illnesses they create either.

Lots of people everywhere are realizing their lifestyles aren't what is thought of as sustainable.  Lard is sustainable as is butter.  There's no reason why you can't learn to make your own of either[5]

Is bacon grease and lard the same thing?  Yes, the exact same thing. Just cook some bacon and drain the leftover grease into a glass jar, stick it in your fridge or freezer; and use it on whatever you are preparing which calls for some sort of oil.  You should never use shortening or Crisco or rapeseed oil again.  You can't make any of those things, they aren't good for you, and why would you when you can make your own lard?  If you collect to much lard you can just move right on into making your own soap with it[6], and be proud you're embracing a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Lard - Because animal fat is far better for your body than processed vegetable oils.