If you are in college, tight on money, or just want to save those dollars for that next big trip or a new toy, I’d like to propose savings on your food expenditure.

During my college time, I had to figure out how to budget $120 for a whole month on food, and still eat healthy.

Here is one of the meal concoctions I came up with which lets you cook a meal on any budget you might have:  Soup and Veggies a la Asian style.

All of us know those Top Ramen noodle packets, or something of that nature depending on where you live.

I live in California and Safeway always has those Top Ramen packets on sale. You get six for $2 or so. I’m not talking about the cup of noodles where you just pore hot water and wait. These you actually have to cook.

The next tip is to not buy your veggies at Safeway or any major brand grocery store in your area. But rather seek out those Ethnic markets. Most major cities have a little China town where you can browse the produce for a fraction of the price you’d get from say Safeway. I recommend bok-chow, some celery, ginger root, tofu, carrots, and tomatoes and maybe some eggs.

These items can all be had for less then $10, and will usually last you a whole week.

Now, prepare your soup. They way I do it, is boil the water in your pot, add the veggies, and the noodles. Crack a raw egg in your bowl, and when the veggies and noodles are to your liking, pour everything in your bowl, stir to thin out the egg, which by the way will cook through the hot water, and add the seasoning, then enjoy.

This takes about five minutes, and it tastes very good.  I literally was able to eat healthy and cheaply for the duration of my college years and even today I like to eat those soups sometimes.

You can get creative and add what ever you like to your soup concoction. A few other things that taste good are: tofu, wontons, chicken, etc.