You are probably thinking that you don't need to read any further because there is really nothing to grilling a piece of meat. You have been doing it for years and you have never had a problem, but by using outdoor grills with a little creativity, you will be amazed at the results you will be able to get - and so will your guests.

Basic grilling guidelines

To make sure you taste the best meat, vegetables and all the other goodies you get from this cooking method, you need to follow a couple of guidelines:

*Outdoor grills should be clean before you put anything on there. You can brush it down and hose it off when you finished. Make sure there are no ashes left over. Soak the grill grate in water to loosen the food particles. Add some grease cutting detergent to the grill and scrub it down. Now, rinse this off.

cleaning grill

*Get creative with sauces. A plain old burger or a steak can be so boring. A simple sauce with a little imagination can liven up the whole meal and make the whole day that much more exciting. There are different ingredients that you can use for glazing. Use a basic recipe and then add your own variations to give it a little flavor. Keep on basting this throughout the cooking process so that the meat absorbs all of the flavors.

*Many people are now investing in outdoor kitchens and this is definitely a great way to go. It is a much easier way to entertain and takes a lot of stress off everyone. Outdoor grills are the main feature here, but it is no good serving camp food. You can go wild with Mediterranean vegetables and add a great pesto sauce when they have come off the grill. You can also make use of fruit on outdoor grills. Go for hard fruits like peaches and pineapple slices. These taste great and they are so simple. All you need is a little ice-cream to go with them.


*For the chicken lovers, they will find that there is a lot that you can do with chicken in many different ways. You can use a whole chicken and just butterfly it. Season it with lemon and herbs or spice it up or else you could stuff it with finely chopped vegetables. There is really so much you can do. Chicken breasts which can taste bland and boring in a pan can be turned into something exciting on a grill in the open, using a variety of flavors, including rubs and basting sauces. You can also marinade this beforehand.

*Once the fun is over and your friends and family have gone home, it is time to get cleaning. You will be glad you did the deed when it comes time to grill the next time around. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be able to get rid of grease which can become a problem. If you don't clean it, not only will your grilling not be effective, but it can lead to insects invading the area, which is something you definitely won't want.

þFFHow to choose smoker grills

Smoker grills have become more and more popular in recent times. It is no surprise since it makes the food taste so much better. If you have ever been to a barbecue and sampled meat from one of these, you would have approved. The funny thing is that it has nothing to do with the quality, but it just comes down to how it is cooked. This meat is all done using a smoker, making it really moist and succulent.

Smoker grills use the "slow and low" method so if you are in a hurry for a quick bite then you had better fill up on snacks. Equipment like this is reserved for those who know about grilling and have a great passion. At the end of the day, if you want great tasting meat then you have to the proper tools.

There is no preference to what can be put in a smoker. People usually stick to ribs, chicken, brisket as well as whole hogs occasionally, but anything is possible.

Different people will go for different types of smokers. Ceramic grills are very versatile and can be changed into a normal grill, a hi-temperature oven or a slow smoker, making it a great investment for someone with an outdoor kitchen. They are the best type of smoker for retaining heat and will use just a little charcoal. Something with thick wall is going to be your best choice because it will keep in more heat and moisture. You should also be looking for something made out of stainless steel to ensure durability and to make sure it doesn't corrode easily.

smoker grill

Pellet grills are probably the simplest smokers to use so this may be something to consider for the beginner. They work by feeding wood-pellets into a burner via an auger. The heat will cook the food and the pellets help in giving the food that smoky flavor. These grills are mostly digital so it basically means that you have to put the pellets down, push a few buttons and wait until your meat is done. It is as easy as that! Again, here you should be looking for a material which is corrosion-resistant and of course, it should also be thick to retain all of the heat. Many people will tell you that these are the best type of grills because they are so convenient.

Competition style smokers come in a varieties of sizes, but most people go for the either the water smokers or the horizontal smokers. Both are very big and are able to give a fantastic flavor to the meat. The water smokers have a pan filled with water and just above that is the fire. Most people enjoy the evenly smoked food that these smokers provide. Horizontal smokers look like a barrel in shape. On one side is a firebox. Heat and smoke fills the cooking chamber and allows the food to be flavored very well. These are probably the biggest smokers out there and you are easily able to load more charcoal inside at any time to promote the heat.