Free Birthday Things!

Your birthday is supposed to be fun times, so if you're strapped for cash, don't worry! It's your birthday afterall – let someone else (namely, big brand name companies) pick up the tab for you. Most of these things to see/do require some sort of membership, but if you don't want to give out your regular email address, I've found that the best way to keep track of them all is to sign up online using a separate email address created from a free email provider, like Hotmail or Yahoo. You can use this email address specifically for offers like these. Please note, these rewards have only been verified to work in the US/Canada region.

1. Disney Blu-Ray

Do you have kids, or own any Disney movies? Even if you don't, this Birthday Freebie may be worth looking into! Disney has a free movie rewards program called Disney Movie Rewards. You can earn points for Disney DVD, Blu-Ray and CD purchases, for going to Disney movies, or enDisney Movie Rewards Logotering points codes that they send you occasionally just for joining. These points can be redeemed for rewards. On your birthday, you'll receive an email that enables you to redeem a free Disney Blu-Ray simply by signing into your account (and bonus points)! This year, there were five movies that you could choose from:

High School Musical 2
Meet the Robinsons
The Game Plan
National Treasure

It's not completely free, in that you do need to pay shipping and handling, but at a reasonable $2.95, it's pretty darn close! To sign up for the program, you can go to

2. A Starbucks Drink!

Starbucks, likeStarbucks Blended Drinks many companies, gives it's customers the ability to create an account with them to conduct Starbucks activities – like shopping, or buying/keeping track of gift card balances. If you have ever had a Starbucks Gift Card, you'll be able to partake in this offer (even if the balance is $0.00! Just make sure it's an activated card; and old one works just fine. Or the next time you go to get a Starbucks drink, just grab a gift card, put money on it, and then spend it right away). If you go to the Starbucks website (, you'll be able to create an account and register your Starbucks gift card. On your birthday, they'll send you a postcard that can be redeemed for a free drink from mega coffee chain Starbucks. You can get refreshment in the summer, or warm up in the winter. The drink is of your choice, regardless of size, or type, and is redeemable during the month of your birthday!

3. Sephora CosmeticsSephora Birthday GiftBeauty Insider Birthday Gift" width="203" height="238">

Sephora has a rewards program called the Beauty Insider. It gives you points based on the amount of your purchases, which can be redeemed toward rewards in their store. However, you don't have to make any purchases to be a member, and on your birthday, they send you an email that is good for a cosmetic set created by Sephora. The gift changes every year, and you can redeem it either in store (where it is completely free) or online (which requires a purchase, and they'll send you the gift with your purchase). You can go to to sign up.

4. Mall GC

This one is a bit tricky, because it depends on your local mall. Some malls (ie, Bellis Fair in Bellingham, WA) will give you a gift certificate/card on your birthday (for a varying amount) for signing up for their newsletters or club. The best way to investigate this is to ask Customer Service the next time you are there.

Denny's Logo

5. Denny's Meal

A classic! Originally, this offer was discontinued in the 90's, but they've recently brought it back. On your birthday, head on to Denny's for a free meal! When I attended (in June of this year), the offer was a free Grand Slam Breakfast if you came in alone. If you dined with a friend, as long as you both ordered drinks, the birthday boy or girl could order whatever they wanted, free. Not all Denny's make the offer, but many of them do, and the offer may not be exactly the same throughout all Denny's. Please note that you will need to show the waitress or waiter ID before they'll give you your free meal. BONUS - no sign up required!

6. Red Robin Cake

Potentially embarrassing, but you get free cake! If you and your friends choose Red Robin for one of your birthday meals, have one of your friends tell the waiter or waitress that it's your birthday. Sometime during the course of your meal, a group of employees will get the restaurant's attention, bring out a slice of cake (and as she said, it's huge, make sure you share with your friends!), and sing you Happy Birthday. It's all you! Please note, this has been verified to work in Canada, but call ahead to your local Red Robin Restaurant if you're unsure if it works in your area as well.

7. Milestone's Dinner Entree (Canada Verified Only)

Want to go to out for dinner with three of your friends? Then get a free dinner at Milestone's! If you sign up for their birthday dinner, as long as you dine with three friends (who pay for their entrees), you'll get a free dinner! Treat yourself (and your friends too, they can use the money they saved on your dinner and just pick up the tab for your drinks!). Just sign up for the offer here:

Have a very Happy Birthday!