Ever wanted a scary desktop but couldn't find anything quite creepy enough?  Well this idea takes an ordinary image and turns into something a bit more terrifying.  All you need is a starting photo and a photo editing program like photoshop (I use Gimp.)  The first thing you need is a rather normal looking photo.  For this tutorial, I will use this Sonic desktop I found on google images:


Sonic Normal

And turn it into this:

Sonic Evil

You can use any image.  A drawing, a family photo, a screenshot from a movie or even a picture of your cat.  All I did was:

  1. Inverted the eye color.
  2. Increse the red in the eye, decrease everyting else.
  3. Modify the brightness and contrast of the eye, making it pitch black and bright red.
  4. Turn the pupils into dots.
  5. Add blood around the eyes.
  6. Modify the general color of the rest of the picture.

These are just the steps I did, you may do other things.  If you have a family picture, maybe make it look black and white and add a creepy man in the background.  Maybe you can make it look like everyone has huge, Joker-like smiles.  Maybe you could take one of Windows default hills and sky pictures and add Slender man or something.  It doesn't matter.  Do whatever you wish to make a picture look creepy or unnerving.  You can be subtle or go all-out, there are different approaches.  The most important thing is that you make it look different and save the picture under a different name!  DO NOT overwrite the original!  You still need it.  No matter what you do, chances are the picture won't look too creepy on it's own to make this effect really work, you must do something creative.  Open up your desktop manager:

Desktop tools

And set both images as your desktop in a slide show.  Now, copy the original image and paste it several times.  Make as many as you like.  Set the duration to whatever you like as well.  I use 14 original images, 1 creepy one at a duration of 10 seconds.  What this does is displays your original image for two minutes and twenty seconds, and displays the creepy one for only ten seconds.  The result is a normal looking desktop that will occasionally change to something horrifying.  The reason this is so creepy is the subtlety.  It's especially funny if you set this as a friends desktop, having the creepy image only show up every hour or so and last for only 10 seconds.  This will scare the crap out of them, especially of you don't tell them what you're doing.

Another thing you could do is set up a slideshow of normal pictures, and have a counter part for each one.  It will seem like a normal desktop slideshow, but the occasional creepy photo will freak some people out.  You can do whatever you want with this idea to suit your personal tastes.  Have fun scaring your friends!