5 Coolest Android Apps for Business or Personal use.

Cool Droid

The high growth in the mobile App industry has digital strategists doing every thing they can  to acquire more app users.  As we start moving into the 4th Quarter of 2014 the mobile app user has on average 15 to 22 Apps that they use. 

In fact, at the beginning of September there were 1,037,126 Apps available to Android and Apple market an increase of 112% in two years.  

The true battle for smart phone real-estate will continue you rage on throughout this quarter as the marketing acquisition strategies will intensify.  Don’t be surprised to see some really cool apps being released during the upcoming holiday buying season.

I have picked what I think are the 5 coolest and most productive apps on the Android market place now for the business professional on the go.




Dropbox is by far one of the coolest Apps that I use because I can get access to all my work and personal documents from just about every internet access device I have.  Being one of most successful mobile apps in the market right now Dropbox has over 100 million users.  Dropbox allows you to quickly upload files like: Word documents, PDF, Excel spreadsheets, video and almost any type of photo from anywhere.  For fewer than 10 bucks a month you can get 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space which is the crazy amount of storage.  If 10 dollars is too much then you can have 2 GB of space for free with safe reliable backup and access from anywhere.  


Google Keep


Google Keep is like the tape recorder, receptionist, virtual assistant and the jack-of-all trades memo pad. I think Google Keep is pretty cool because allows me color coordinate my day to day task on my Android smartphone with ease.  If your driving in the car an a idea comes to mind or your a cool doctor record a memo and Keep will transcribe later for you. 




If you’re anything like me and you're organized and paperless you are probably already utilizing solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive. Unclouded syncs those two solutions together allowing you to quickly browse the documents like file manager.  Unclouded will also scan all your documents and find duplicates for you to remove so that you can free up space for more content and data.  Unclouded for me is a strategy app that allows me to use my everyday PDF that I need send to customer s.  Unclouded is so user-friendly that I’m really thinking about moving all my documents from Dropbox to Unclouded.





I’m a music lover and need to have access to the theme music of my life during the day as such I use Spotify. I’m anal about cataloging my music just like my documents in Unclouded, so this why I use Spotify. Spotify really allows me to drill down for specific songs that I want to listen and create my playlist and rewind songs, which I think is pretty cool.  It’s not a big deal for me but Spotify syncs up with Facebook, I’m sure this was user acquisition strategy on the side Spotify folks to drive more downloads.





Twitter is still one the most successful mobile apps on the marketplace hands down.  Why you need a mobile app like this? Instant and specific communication messages to Clients, Fans, Community and Friends. Twitter , I believe is the most powerful app on the marketplace for both good and bad reasons.  The good is the more you connect on Twitter, the more connections you get. The bad is what you say on Twitter once you have those connections is open for 10,000 different interpretations two seconds after you tweet it.