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Cool bedding for night sweats and hot flashes are a must for women going through the menopause. I was one of those women not so long ago being waked up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. It took time to find the best sheets to keep cool, but it was time well spent. On my search for the coolest bed sheets I also found the coolest pillow cases and pillows. When going through the menopause it is imperative that you sleep on comfortable cool bedding.

Sleeping in cool comfortable sleepwear is equally important. Cool moisture wicking nightgowns and sleep shirts worked best for me in the hot months. In winter, pajamas were a better choice as long as they were loose fitting and easy to pull off as needed. When you wake up soaking wet you want to be able to get out of them as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to be prepared for severe night sweats and hot flashes by having an extra set of bedding and sleepwear nearby.

Bamboo fabric bedding is one of the most popular on the market partly due to natural moisture wicking abilities. There is a wide variety of bamboo sheets and pillow cases to choose from as well as bamboo fabric gowns.  Bamboo bedding sets can be costly, but worth it. What price do you put on a good night's sleep? For eco-friendly check out organic bamboo bedding sets, not cheap either; however, if you really want them pinch pennies elsewhere.

Another option is to regulate body temperature with temperature regulated bedding. You can find this type of bedding most everywhere. Sheex is one of the most popular brands on the market and sorry to say it doesn't come cheap unless you find a good sale. The willingness to spend the money might depend on the severity of the night sweats and hot flashes. When people are desperate they will do whatever it takes to get relief, up to and including expensive cool bedding.

There are also cooling devices such as the Chillow Pillow and the Chillow Plus. It is simply an insert you can place in the pillow that draws heat away from the head to keep the pillow cool. If you're tired of waking up with wet sweaty hair on your neck then this might be the perfect solution to the problem. Cost is about $25 or less, so it's priced fair. Another option is the Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow in the $40 range, which is the one that I currently use.

Of course, cool bedding and sleepwear will help, but positive lifestyle changes will do just as much good if not more. Positive lifestyle changes can reduce the severity and frequency of night sweats and hot flashes. I found that what I ate and drank and when made a huge difference. For example, caffeine and alcohol are known triggers, so it isn't wise to consume them close to bed time (3-4 hours). Spicy and fatty foods should be avoided as well.

There are many other lifestyle changes you can make to reduce and even prevent night sweats and hot flashes. Some of these include: less stress, more sleep, consistent exercise, healthy diet and healthy relation ships and regular check ups with the doctor and dentist.

When you make the changes necessary to eliminate bad lifestyle choices that you know are harmful and replace them with right choices it helps regulate unbalanced hormones. The combination of living a healthy lifestyle and sleeping in cool bedding and sleepwear will bring optimal results.  It worked for me; however, if it doesn't bring enough relief for you then you might want to seek medical advice on hormonal replacement.

To find the best prices on cool bedding for night sweats and hot flashes check out reviews and ratings on Amazon and other trusted sites online.