Best camping gifts for the outdoor enthusiast.

A friend or family member who loves hiking, fishing, camping or bird watching may seem like an easy person to shop for a birthday or Christmas present. That is until you learn that he is also the first to buy the newest gadget or equipment that promises to help him catch more fish or to camp in style. For the serious outdoor enthusiast who has it all, give a gift that allows him easy access to his hobby. These cool camping gift ideas for outdoorsmen or women do just that.

Lifetime Fishing License

Some states offer an alternative to the annual fishing license, a lifetime fishing lBest camping giftsCredit: Flickr: Martin Lopatkaicense that never has to be renewed. Usually priced in the hundreds, this gift is for the serious angler. An angler who spends every weekend and vacation trying to catch that great big fish, and spends weekdays planning the next fishing trip will make good use of a lifetime fishing license. As a bonus, if he is good at fishing, it will eventually pay for itself by providing many fresh fish dinners. Contact your local state fish and game agency to find out if a lifetime fishing license is available in your state. (Alternatively, gift ideas for hunters would include a seasonal or other hunting license.)

National Park Pass

For the camper and hiker in your life that enjoys exploring the nation’s national parks, the “America the Beautiful” annual park pass makes a thoughtful gift. These passes are good for one year and allow the gift recipient entrance into any national park at no cost. If the pass holder drives into the park, any vehicle entrance fees are waived along with per person entrance fees for up to three passengers. America the Beautiful passes can be purchased at a national park, by phone (1-888-ASK-USGS) or through the USGS website (

State Park Pass

Like the National Park Service, most states also sell annual park passes. However, these often provide much more than entrance to the state’s protected lands. Pass holders may also gain entrance to museums, historical sites and monuments that are part of the state’s park system, at no cost. A state park pass will be much appreciated not only by the camper, hiker or bird watcher in your life, but also those with kids that enjoy going to train museums and learning about the area’s history. Your state’s park service website or local state park will have information on annual passes.

Passes to parks and lifetime fishing licenses not only allow the gift recipient to save money, these cool camping gift ideas for outdoorsmen or women give him or her a reason to experience new parks and museums. Such a gift also shows your thoughtfulness, and will certainly stand out as a favorite birthday or holiday gift. You may even benefit by getting to join your friend or family member for free on their next trip to the outdoors.