Cool chairs can be a funky addition to a living room. This is also of way to add in extra seating to your kids or a teenager's bedroom. You can really find a lot of modern elements that can be the focal point of your room while still being functional. Here are a few of the top trendy options.

1. Basket Chairs.

You might want to go with a hanging chair. This could seem country or tropical if you get a wicker design. You will need to pay attention to the weight limits and install it properly. You also need to make sure that there is enough room for it to swing back and forth. You can also find more modern plexiglass designs. This might not be the most comfortable, but it can kind of mimic a hammock chair and it really does lend a lot of design sensibility into the space. In this case, you could just pair it with modern furniture such as a low profile white sofa.

Hanging Bubble

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Cool Lounge Chair
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This is a modern version of a chase lounge.

2. Computer Chairs

A cool computer chair will put a twist on your basic black leather furniture. It might have a bungee back to it which can also be really comfortable. Stainless steel arms are another contemporary option.

Another thing that's really important to consider when you pick out old chairs is to go with funky patterns. These might be pieces that you would be afraid to use on entire furniture sets. However, accent chairs are inexpensive and easy to replace. In this case, you can just try out a lot of really fun polka dot prints or even a daring stripe. This is a way to add new character to your existing living room set.

3. Repurpose.

Accent chairs are something that you can use in a dining room or a living room. You can buy several of these to add in extra seating. In fact if they are lightweight enough then you can just move it from room to room. The really great thing about this is that it does give you a lot of versatility and extra seating. You might want it to be a little bit oversized so that it can work in either space. It should also have arms so it's comfortable. Then it’s going to give it more of the look of accent chairs or just a dining room chair although it can also work in either space. Just make sure that the wood tones match your dining set.

Modern Styles

4. Animal Prints.

If the rest of your chairs are just basic fabric then have a lot of fun by going with a funky zebra print which could also really add a lot of pattern into your living space. This kind of transitional style is so important just because a lot of times you might have an expandable dining room table and you don't know what to do with all of the extra chairs when you don't need seating for eight or ten.

5. Overstuffed Furniture.

You can also really venture into different silhouettes. You could go with really oversized pieces. This could just have exaggerated arms. Another option would be to go with a chair and a half. This could almost look like a miniature love seat. Of course you'll need to pay attention to the actual floor space that you have because if this dominates the room then it's not going to be a welcoming piece. Instead it is going to feel crowded. However, this is a way to really add function to a lot of nooks in your home. You can turn them into reading areas just by adding in cool chairs.

6. Go With Silver.

This great if you want to give a totally new look to your dining room table. You could find a lot of these pieces at thrift stores, although you probably need to recover the seats. You also might want to spruce up the finish a little bit. If it's really worn you can try spray painting it silver. However, this is something that can coordinate with your stainless steel appliances. It's also going to change up the look of a basic white table. This can be very contemporary depending on the lines and the size of the piece as well as all the other accents that you bring into the room.

Cool Lounge Chairs

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Comfortable Styles

7. Loud Prints.

Another important consideration is to really take into account people's age. For instance if you want a really nice piece for kids then get out some paint. You can even paint patterns on it such as zebra stripes. You can give it a folk art touch with a lot of different dots. You could even add a monogram or your child's name to it. This allows you to bring in colors of the bedding and wall paint. Then just bring everything together on one piece which is really going to give a cohesive look to the room, but it's also going to be a whimsical and custom handpainted piece.

8. Swivel Lounges.

This is also something that can really help out with your floor plan. For instance a swivel lounge chair can really save you space because people are going to be able to turn around and be a part of a lot of different areas and conversations. This can be something that you use outdoors but also be an indoor piece. In fact, this can be a really cool addition to an office.

9. Outdoor Chairs.

You'll also want to consider the way you use these cool chairs. For instance you could try a zero gravity lounge chair outside. Another option would be an adjustable chaise lounge. The zero gravity chairs are supposed to really be very helpful for your back. They can also relieve a lot of stress. You can really spend a little bit more money on this kind of furniture and then make up for it by using a lot of the pieces that you already have. This might not be the most stylish initially but as long as you get a neutral color you can match it with a lot of more decorative pieces.

10. Massage Versions.

Another theme that you'll really want to you venture into if you have an unlimited budget is going to be a massage chair. These can cost thousands of dollars. This can just be a basic leather design that can coordinate with all of your contemporary furniture. This is going to be the seat that everyone in the house fights over.

Birch Accents

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Cool Bean Bag Chairs