If you are looking for some memorable and yet affordable Christmas gift ideas for parents, then check out these cool ideas, that they will enjoy. Picture to CanvasCredit: posterjack.ca

Picture to Canvas – This is a really cool idea.  If one or both of your parents is a camera buff and they have lots of really nice digital pictures around, or maybe you have some great digital pictures you would like them to have, then consider getting them put on canvas!

Posterjack.ca is one place you can get this done at.  You simply send them the digital picture or you can even use a scanned pictured (especially if you had to try and find one out of your parent’s album) and then you can decide on the size of the canvas.

The photos are put onto quality wrap around canvas and they will look like a painting.  This is a great Christmas gift idea for your parents.

This way they have a piece of “art” that they will love hanging on the wall, and it will not need a frame as it will be on good quality wrap around canvas that you hang straight onto the wall.

Photo PuzzlesCredit: portraitpuzzle.com

Photo Puzzles – If your folks love to do puzzles, then you can get some of your favourite pictures or some of their pictures from their photo albums and have them made into puzzles that are up to 1000 pieces! 

These are not those 6 large piece puzzles you get in the mail as a card, this are true full sized puzzles.  It would be fun to give them the puzzle without knowing the pictures and watch how excited they get as the puzzle comes together.  Portraitpuzzle.com is one site to try but there are many others.  There are many different sizes of puzzles.  But you should get started on this project now, so that you are not stuck with ideas too close to the holiday season.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Digital Frame - SVGA High Resolution 8 inch – You can get loads of different frames.  You can get them to hold 1000s of photos in random order or in order.  You can program them to do whatever you want when it comes to displaying photos, plus they can be loaded with music, and also other great applications, such as the room temperature and date and some even have a radio or are MP3 compatible.

They take very little power, and you can purchase one as a gift, and then load it up with lots of photos from yourself, or maybe get a hold of some of those old photo albums they have on the shelf or back of the closet and scan them onto a digital stick.  This can then be put into the frame and display lots and lots of great memories!

That is the beauty with one of these frames, it gets those dusty old albums that are only looked at a few times a year, or box of old photos in the drawer, and put all in one spot.  These memory sticks will hold hundreds if not thousands of memories to display in one of these digital frames.

You could even add to this gift at birthdays or the next Christmas, by updating pictures from your own family and giving them a fresh set of pictures to look at.

Gift of Time – This is always appreciated by parents.  You could create cool looking gift certificates (you can find many free templates online that you can download and fill in) for a day out together.  Depending on your finances, this could be anything from a day at the spa together to simply coffee and a walk. 

Many parents love the idea of spending time with you as a gift I know that I love it when my kids spend time with us.  We all get so busy and depending on where you live to where your parents live, then spending time can be a precious gift.

Web Cam – If you parents have a computer and you would love to see them and talk to them more, you can spend a day with them and get them a web cam for their computer and a Skype account or something similar so that you can both talk and see each other over the internet.

This is a great idea, especially for children leaving home for school.  It is a great way to stay in touch.  Take some time and not only get them the web cam, but set it up or have it set up for them as part of the gift, and show them how to use it.  Now you can see them when you want to talk to them.

I know that my son and his girlfriend moved to England for six months and this was a great way to communicate.  It didn’t cost either of us, only the monthly internet cost and we were able to stay in touch, they were even able to show us their little apartment via their webcam, and they could see us and the rest of the family.

Magazine Subscriptions – There are so many magazines on the market now, you are bound to find a subscription that either each or both of your parents are going to enjoy.  Figure out which hobby they enjoy and then research magazines subscriptions that will match their hobby.

You can order and pay for them online now, and have it sent to their address.  You will be amazed at the amount of specific hobby magazines there are. 

Cooking Classes – Maybe your parents have done some travelling and loved authentic Italian food or Oriental foods and told you about it.  You can then check their area for any cooking classes that offer classes in the cuisine they enjoy. 

You can get gift certificates for this, and many are online.  This would be a fun activity if your parents love to cook and like to try new things.

Above are some simple Christmas gift ideas for parents that with a little bit of time and thought will be treasured.  Get started early don’t wait for that first snowfall or Christmas shopping rush to get you frazzled.  With a bit of lead time and some thought you can come up with some great Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season.  Have fun and Merry Christmas!