Trying to find curtains for sliding glass doors that add nicely to a room doesn’t have to be too difficult with some of the really cool alternative window coverings that are on the market now.

You don’t have to opt for traditional plain curtains that simply slide to one side when the patio door or sliding glass doors are in use.  You can get what is considered window art now to dress up your room.

Patio doors take up a huge amount of space in a home wall, and trying to find window coverings that will accent or hide (depending on what you are trying to accomplish) can be difficult especially if you want something different from the traditional floor to ceiling drapes or vertical blinds.

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Thomas Kinkade Sea of Tranquility Window Art Curtain

Both of these coverings have their place, but now you have an alternative to consider.  Window art curtains.  These are curtains designed specifically for the patio door whether sliding glass or French doors, it doesn’t matter as these curtains can be pushed to either side when the door is in use.  They are not heavy nor bulky so you don’t need too much space on either side of the door for them to sit when open.

The best part about these curtains is that when they are closed they look like works of art on your wall.  This is a great way to dress up a wall with something more than large plain drapes or vertical blinds.

If you like the idea of art on the wall, then these curtains for sliding doors and patio doors look like pieces of art when the door is not in use, such as in the evening.  You can get them with different scenes on them and they are an affordable way to simply “hide” that patio door when not in use.

Large plain drapes and vertical blinds can be boring to some, but now there are alternatives.

They will keep the sun out when needed and some privacy in the evening.  They can be funky styling or a traditional painting look such as with Thomas Kinkade Sea of Tranquility Scene on curtains for sliding glass doors and other walk out doors.

This type of window art creates warmth and beauty in your home by taking that large window area and turning it into something you will enjoy looking at.  They are made from polyester and cotton blend which makes them easy to wash and take care of.

They are an affordable option for those patio doors as many vertical blinds and more traditional drapes can run you into hundreds of dollars, whereas these fun alternative window coverings are under 50 dollars.

There are many scenes to choose from too, which can make them a great gift or house warming idea for friends or family. 

You can get these is many department stores but there is a much larger selection online at sites such as Amazon.  Shopping online is a great way to see larger assortments and categories of products and compare prices. Gift Cards
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