Face plates for cell phones are a really cool way to protect your phone and make it last.

With electronic gadgets getting smaller, it doesn’t take much to accidently drop them, or hit them on something, and if you use your cell phone a lot, it may not end up lasting your entire contract or until you can get the latest and greatest one on the market.

So, to protect your phone, you can get face plates for cell phones at many phone accessory stores as well as many discount stores.  They can be plain or they can be dressed up. 

Shopping online for cell phone face plates, is a great place to start simply because they can carry a lot more stock online.  All you need to know is the model of your cell phone, and you can get these hard plastic cell phone covers that not only personalize this phone and make it your own, but also protect it and fit like a glove.

By getting a face place cover for your style and model of cell phone, you will be able to not only protect it, but still have access to all the side buttons and other controls you need quickly, such as the camera or for recharging.

But you don’t have to get a boring cell phone cover, or cell phone face plate, you can get them with some cool designs on them like the one shown here.

These covers are affordable, many are under 10 dollars, and are a cute way to identify your phone from others.  They can be a fashion accessory that is also useful at making your cell phone last.

These would also make great gifts, for anyone you know who is hard on their cell phFaceplates for Cell Phonesone. Once you know the make and model of your phone then simply go online at such sites as Amazon for example or even the site that your phone can be found on, and find a really cool protective cover.

Apple iPhone 4 iPhone 4 Bubble Diamond Cell Phone Snap-on Cover Faceplate / Executive Protector Case

Personalizing your cell phone has never been this fun.  So, go shopping for one that matches your personality, and at the same time add some life to your phone.  You could even get a few, since they are quite cheap to buy, and then change them out, as they are not permanent.  Your phone simply clips into these lightweight hard plastic covers.

Cell phones can get expensive, especially if yours is the latest and greatest and has all the bells and whistles, and for many people, it is their “life line” with everything in them.  So, protect your investment with a good face plate for your type of cell phone, or cell phone case covers too.  Something that gives it that added layer of protection, but still be able to use all the functions.

You can get them in funky colors and this one pictured is for the Apple iPhone 4.  What a great way to protect and personalize at the same time.

You may also be able to find these in discount electronic stores, but shopping online is a great way to find something with some flare.