If you need to walk to work, to school, from the office to the car and back, then you will often have to deal with the rain. So, you might as well carry something cheery and fun and colorful while walking in the rain, so why not carry a fashion umbrella.

You can get custom ones, but there are many on the market that are already printed with fun sayings, great art, comics, and even the black and white comics such as the comic one pictured here.



Ballerinas Folding Umbrella
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(price as of Mar 30, 2016)
this one will make people smile.

Marvel Comics

Beautiful Rose

The Perfect Rose Folding Umbrella
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(price as of Mar 30, 2016)

It is a necessary addition to your wardrobe if you do have to walk in the rain, so just like your coat or jackets, that are a reflection of you, you might as well add a fashion umbrella to the wardrobe. Just because you are trying to stay dry doesn't mean it can't be a fashion accessory.

If you want people to notice, then carrying one is like a billboard. Plus it is cheery. Lets face it, when you see a sea of black and blue plain umbrellas heading down the sidewalk, all in a rush to get to work, and then you see a bright and cheery unique looking one amongst them, your eyes are drawn to it, and you think, "hey that looks cool".

Just like your own fashions, your accessories can represent you too. So, consider searching for more than a plain classic black one. If you have a colorful personality, then why not find a fashion one to match your personality and style?

You can get them at most stores that sell umbrellas, and many shoe stores sell them as accessories too. But you can pay a lot for them when they are being sold as a fashion accessory.

If you take a look online, there is way more variety. From the comfort of home, you can shop the world for a really unique and fun loving cute ones. Why not be a little different. It rains enough times, that you will have fun using it. Some people even get them to match their purses and shoes.

So, if you are looking to purchase a new one, and find the basic black and blue ones totally boring, then check out online for ones with really different designs. If you buy it online, chances are, that no one else in your office or school will have the same one. You can get them custom made as well, with your own artwork or photos, but that can cost.

So, why not take a look a the huge variety that is online, and get yourself a cool and fashion umbrella, and stand out in that crowd while walking to work or school or even across the parking lot in the rain.

You could have a fashion umbrella in your house, your car and at the office, so you are prepared for those rains. You just never know, your morning can start out sunny and by days end it could be raining. Best to be prepared. These fashion umbrellas are affordable, so having a few is a great idea.