Are you looking for cool fish tanks for kids bedrooms that are safe, fun, affordable and trendy enough for the young crowd? Wow, that sounds like a tall order doesn't it? One of the best things about shopping for aquariums online is the huge variety available to choose from. Of course, lots and lots of products can also boggle the mind and confuse the senses. If your child has been asking for a fish tank that also has cool features and that he or she can set up in their bedroom, maybe I can help you narrow down a few good choices.

Choosing Cool Fish Tanks For Kids Bedrooms-Fake Or Real?

The first consideration any parent needs to think about is whether a child should have a real fish tank with very real creatures swimming around in it. Amazon has a cute selection of pretend aquariums for kids who are not ready to seriously care for their pets. The best-selling pretend fish tank for children on Amazon is featured below. It is really a lamp; but what a cool lamp it is! The lights and calm movements of the pretty pretend fish may even help kids relax and fall asleep when they are supposed to.

Aquarium Lamp with FishCredit:


Aquarium Lamp with Fish : Ocean in Motion Revolving Aquatic Scene - Best Seller on Amazon



Are Acrylic Fish Tanks Safer For Kids?

There is a debate about whether acrylic aquariums are just as good as glass versions. Acrylic has its benefits as a lightweight material that makes it easier to carry and cheaper to ship. Glass aquariums stay scratch-resitant much longer, but are heavier and cost more to ship. The choice really depends on your budget and taste.

A Bedroom Aquarium Can Be A Great Learning Tool

Many parents choose real fish tanks not only because they might already have a house full of pets (may as well add more, huh?), but because aquariums provide a great learning tool for kids in a fun way. They can learn about different fish species, feeding and caring for another living thing and what it means to assume responsiblity for a dependent creature. Having a fish tank in the bedroom is also a wonderful conversation starter for kids who tend to be shy socially.

The Best Selling Cool Fish Tanks For Kids Bedrooms Online

If you and your child have your hearts set on a real aquarium for the bedroom, the product featured below is the number one best-selling fish tank on to date. The size is child-friendly and the price is decent for most families.

Aquarius 5 Rounded 5-Gallon Aquarium KitCredit:


Aquarius Aq15005 Aquarius 5 Rounded 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit-Best selling fish tank on

This product is the perfect starter aquarium for both children and teens. It is a 5-gallon acrylic tank with a few cool color options and comes with a full hood, filter and easy set up instructions. The size is great for bedrooms. It's small enough to place on the average dresser, stand or bookcase, but roomy enough to make the tenants (the fish) happy. This really is a cool fish tank for kids bedrooms!