Cool friendship bracelet kits make perfect gifts at any time of year from Christmas presents to birthday surprises. Children love making things and jewelery is always a big hit with girls of almost any age.  Kids always adore being creative and expressing themselves using bright colors and materials of all varieties. Designing and making braided or woven string bracelets is fun and is an activity for any time especially holidays, weekends or sleepovers.


There is an old tradition associated with the giving of friendship bracelets. A person presents one as a sign and symbol of their friendship. The receiver should wear this gift around their wrist until the threads wears through and it falls off naturally. In another form of the folklore the receiver of a bracelet is entitled to a wish.


People from all over the world and from many cultures, even from ancient times have made hand crafted jewelry and adornments. Many of these  bracelets reflect some of that influence in their designs. Native American patterns and styles are particular popular. The late 1960's and 1970's was a time of  heavy rock music, peace and love and iconic pop culture. Along with the loud music were loud and colorful clothes. While the love beads, bells and headbands have faded into history, corded string bracelets that were very much in fashion then are still as popular today as they once were.



While you can make them from almost any kind of materiafriendship bracelet kits(42627)l they are gerally made from some kind of soft fabric that is easy to weave or tie. Depending on how you make your piece, it very often involves creating a series of small easy knots in the thread. For that reason silk, string, hemp or thread are the usual kinds of materials used. Bright colors and patterns of all kinds are all part of the fun of creating them. With a little skill, letters, names or other shapes such as animals can be women into the design though you usually need a book or pattern with instructions to guide you.


Friendship bracelets are easily bought in shops, stores and online very cheaply. However, part of the magic of giving a gift to a loved one or friend is if you have made the present yourself because that makes it individual and unique. Having best friends is an important part of a child's life and falling in and out of friendships is all part of the process. Giving gifts and bonding is a very potent step in the process of childhood. Making and giving such a gift as one of these bracelets is valuable in helping that to happen.

Cool Friendship Bracelet Kits

Twisting, weaving and braiding are very simple operations that can be accomplished with ease by most kids. Experimentation is all part of the fun. However it can be a chore to have to gather materials and then try to find patterns, instructions and  demonstrate this to a child. A much better solution is to buy a cool friendship bracelet kit which will contain all the materials and guidance to make numerous brilliant items time and again. It just really cuts down on any disappointment that may result in not  ensuring you have everything you need and knowing what to do with it. For a great gift that will thrill your child go for a kit.