Blackberry Playbook

Release Date - April 19th, 2011

$499.99 - $699.99 USD

RIM's (Research In Motion) Blackberry Playbook will rival the Apple Ipad in 2011. The Playbook supports 1080p video playback, with a 3 mp (mega pixel) front facing camera for video chatting, and a 5 mp rear facing camera that records 1080p video. The display is 7 inches, has HDMI outputs, and a 3D graphic accelerator. The playbook also features a full Adobe Flash supported web browser, and built-in bluetooth/wi-fi.

Playbook 2011Credit: Uncrate

Garmin GTU 10

Release Date - Available Now

$199.99 USD

The GTU 10 is a small, lightweight, and waterproof GPS tracker. You can attach the tracker to a pet, luggage, laptop bag, or your child. Essentially you can track the GTU 10 wherever it goes, either online, or on your phone. You can even setup up "safe areas", to send you an alarm email or text when the tracker leaves that "safe area". You can also view exactly where the tracker has been via the tracking history.

Garmin GTU 10Credit: Pinoy Tutorial

Cobra Phone Tag

Release Date - Available Now

$ 59.99 USD

The Cobra Phone Tag is a loss prevention alarm system. The phone tag will monitor the distance between you and your phone, laptop, or other valuables. As soon as you and your phone become too far separated, it will alert you. The phone tag can also act as a finder, if you lose your phone, you can ring it to help you locate it. You will need to download the Cobra software application on your smartphone for some features.

Cobra Phone TagCredit: Slash Gear

Xperia Play

Release Date - Spring 2011

Price Varies

Also known as the "Sony Playstation Phone" this sleek phone is also a portable gaming handheld. It has a 4 inch display, a 5 mp camera, and 512 mb of internal storage. The Xperia will also feature a touch screen, built-in game controller, micro SD and USB slots, and quick upload via YouTube. It will be android powered featuring Google Voice, Email, and Talk.


Xperia Play(46201)Credit: Geeky Gadgets

Xperia Play Gaming Trailer

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date - Available Now

$249.99 USD

This upgraded Nintendo DS has the ability to produce 3D effects with no glasses needed. It features two screens, one being a touchscreen, integrated wi-fi, a microphone, and 2 GB of internal storage. It has one front, and two rear facing camera's. It's a bit lighter than a regular DS, and can play any DS game.

Nintendo 3DS(46202)Credit: Techchee

Nintendo 3DS Promo Reel