If you’re trying to come up with some creative Halloween costume ideas for women, there are several directions you can go in. Do you want to be something scary? Or are you looking to put a new spin on a classic get-up? No matter what you have in mind, this article will provide you with some fun, spooky, and creative ideas for your Halloween costume this year.

Popular Icons

Cashing in on popular characters on television and in movies can make for some great costumes. Famous musicians that have been at the top of the charts recently can also make for great costumes. Often, some of the most popular Halloween costume ideas for women each year fall in this category. For Halloween this year, you could cash in on the Jersey Shore trend and be an over-the-top Snooki. Our first idea includes a leopard dress, a black wig and a pair of slippers and you’re good to go! This is just one of the many great Halloween costume ideas for women based on popular characters that you can create.

Spooky Fun

Halloween costume ideas for women that fall in the “spooky” category can give you the chance to show off your creative skills. Spooky costumes can be highlighted by some awesome makeup, so pick up a face painting kit and get started. Ideas two, three, and four include a zombie, a psycho clown, or a ghastly ghoul, some tattered clothes paired with some elaborate makeup can turn anyone into an awesomely spooky character for Halloween. Take the time to practice your look, as well. Do a trial run one or two days before Halloween will ensure that these Halloween costume ideas for women are pulled off to their maximum potential.

So inexpensive it’s Scary!

Spooky costumes are also great, inexpensive options since you can pick up the duds at somewhere like a thrift store, tatter them, and you’re good to go. If you’re on a budget this Halloween – consider a low key outfit and spooky makeup to achieve an awesome look. Get creative-instead of being just a school girl; why not be a dead school girl? Our fifth idea involves picking up an old plaid skirt and a button down shirt. Slice them up a bit with scissors, add some dirt, and tease out your hair. Some spooky, sunken cheek bones and darkened eye sockets will complete your look. These Halloween costume ideas for women will give you a spooky look without scaring your bank account!

Classics with a Sexy Twist

If you’re looking for some skimpier Halloween costume ideas for women, put a fun spin on some classic get-ups. You can easily spice up a witch costume (our sixth idea) by shortening the black skirt, adding some creative heels, and topping curly tresses with a classic hat. Animals are also popular costumes, and they’re easy to put a cute and sexy twist on. Take a cat for our seventh idea. Leggings and an off-the-shoulder black top paired with some ears, a tail, some drawn on whiskers and a drawn on nose turn this classic costume into a cute and fun modern variation. If you’re looking to throw something together last minute, these classic Halloween costume ideas for women are perfect.

Opt for Creativity Instead of Store Bought

Buying a costume can be very expensive if you turn to the big box stores for Halloween costume ideas for women. Paying $50 or more for an outfit that you will wear once or twice can be a bit excessive, so remember that you can easily create an equally as impressive costume yourself! Our eighth suggestion is to be a nurse. It’s actually quite simple to create this idea yourself. Pick up a tight white dress, cut a red cross out of felt and attach it on the chest. Grab a children’s medical kit from the dollar store and wear the stethoscope as an accessory. Most party stores carry a selection of inexpensive costume hats, as well – so finding a nurse’s hat for just a few bucks should be no problem at all.

Put a Play On Word

If you’re looking for more ‘off the wall” Halloween costume ideas for women, you can go with something that might require people to ask “what exactly are you?” Once that question is popped and you answer, prepare for the laughs! For example, our ninth idea involves walking around a Halloween party wearing a light blue sweat shirt with cotton balls pinned to it while randomly squirting people with a spray bottle may raise a few eyebrows. When people approach you and ask “what are you supposed to be?” you can spritz them and say “cloudy with a chance of rain.”

Bring Cartoons to Life!

Bringing popular cartoon characters to life is very popular for Halloween. Cartoon Halloween costume ideas for women can be everything from classic favorites to newer toons. Most cartoon characters have extremely simple (yet very recognizable) outfits, so putting the costume together should be relatively simple. Take Patty Mayonnaise from the classic series “Doug” for our tenth suggestion. A blue sweatshirt covered in pink polka dots paired with a short, flowy blue skirt will instantly bring the object of Doug’s affection to life. Pair with a short blonde wig with red sneakers and the look is complete!

Popular Costumes from Years Prior

By looking at what was popular in past years, you might be able to get some good Halloween costume ideas for women just from that. In past years, Lady Gaga, Harry Potter characters, the Joker from Batman, and Vampires (thanks to the Twilight saga) have all been popular selections. Whether you choose one of these for this year or you simply use them to spark a new idea, it never hurts to take a look back on what was big in years prior. You never know what you might come up with!

These are just a few awesome Halloween costume ideas for women that are both relatively easy to create and very fun to wear! Whether you’re looking for something sexy, low key, simple, or down right spooky – remember that creating an outfit from scratch can be just as effective as buying one from the store. You’ll also save yourself plenty of money in the process! So start thinking now! Halloween is just around the bend and you can make this year bigger and better than all the others! Happy haunting!