Dressing up as a wizard for Halloween seems to be a rising trend over the last 5 years, simply because the Harry Potter movie was released and became insanely popular! With that being said, wizard outfits are some of the easiest to pull off because they are relatively simple and use stuff that you probably already have in your closet!

In regards to dressing up as a wizard, nothing beats dressing up as Harry himself. There are a ton of ideas when it comes to Harry Potter costumes, but the ones in this article are definitely ones to use. You will find a do-it-yourself costume idea, a few that can be found online, and even necessary accessories/makeup to take your Harry Potter outfit to the next level!

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Making Your Own Harry Potter Costume

One of the best things about the do-it-yourself Harry potter costume ideas is that they are insanely easy to execute. One would think that a DIY costume would take hours or even days to make, and would include difficult tasks like sewing and stitching; however, you can have your homemade Harry Potter Halloween costume done in as little as a few minutes!

Simply, get your hands on the following items:

-a black robe

-Round glasses (Potter-looking)

-A wizard’s wand

That’s it! There are literally only 3 items that will allow you to make this costume come to fruition.  I can guarantee that you, or a family member of yours, has a black robe that you can wear for the night. I’m also sure that a friend of yours has an old pair of round glasses that you can pop the lenses out of and use as part of your homemade Harry potter costume. And you can even make a wizard’s wand out of an old stick that has been skinned with a knife!

Alternately, you can check out the many Harry Potter costumes that Amazon has to offer, and simply buy one that suits your budget. They literally have hundreds, and offer fast delivery!

Making Your Own Quidditch Player Costume

Quidditch is definitely the most popular game in the Harry Potter series, and has actually caused a real-life league to be created out of the concept! Any Potter fans will definitely spot a Quidditch costume out as soon as they see them, so this is by far, one of the best Harry Potter costume ideas for Halloween!

Combine the following items, and you will be looking like a quidditch player in no time...

-Black riding boots. Horse-riding or motorcycle boots seem to be the most popular versions.

-A red and yellow rugby shirt. You can even wear a sweatshirt that has red and yellow on it, and still get away with looking like one of Hogwarts’ quidditch players!

-A broom to carry around. Preferably not a heavy one because you will have to lug it around all night.

-A black cape. Long ones are great, but try to avoid letting it drag on the floor because you will risk getting it caught underneath someone’s shoe!

-A pair of goggles. Almost any pair will do, as long as they are not full-face goggles!

I’ll be honest with you, most of these costume accessories can be found around your house. That simple fact makes this the perfect low-budget Harry Potter costume. Choosing to dress up as a quidditch player for Halloween will allow you to get away with spending very little money and looking amazing!

Wear Your Formal Clothes And Look Like A Hogswarts Student

Whether you went to a private school or simply had these clothes lying around in your house, you can easily create your own outfit to resemble a Hogswarts student!

All that you need is:

-Grey blazer/suit jacket and cardigan. The two shades of grey don’t have to be identical, but having similar ones definitely helps.

-Tie that has a green and gold pattern on it

-White dress shirt that is fully buttoned up

-Black dress pants with a black belt

-Pair of black dress shoes that have been polished and shined

-Hogswarts badge that has been taped/sewn onto the blazer

-Wizard’s wand

Most of these items can be found around the house, and some can even be purchased online! 

All of these Harry Potter costume ideas are fantastic because they are easy to create. The days o spending more than a month creating a single homemade Halloween costume are over...nobody has the time to do that anymore. People are looking for Halloween costumes that they can create in less than an hour, and these Harry Potter ideas are definitely the answer. You can even combine a few of these if you’re heading out as a group, and you will have some Hogwarts themed group costumes for everyone to admire!