If you love the idea of something very “subtle” for your Halloween party or night out trick or treating, then give yourself a very nasty injury (but not for real).

This one “nails it” on the head with the building nail right through your very own nails.  You could switch this up and use a screw or a pencil or whatever you have around but this will definitely get the “wow” or “yuk” factor from everyone around.

There are some pretty convincing supplies on the market now, especially with the line of fake bloods, but you can also make your own fake blood by mixing red food colouring and corn syrup. 

What you will need:Cool Nails for HalloweenCredit: Amazon.com

Fake nail (you can use one fake one or add the entire set to your hand to give it a more realistic look by making all your fingers look the same)

Manual screw tool (for creating a hole in the fake one)

Two halves of a building nail or screw or a plastic toy one will work too, or even a spike that you can break in half.  Something that will visually go through your finger and remember you have to keep this on all night so you don’t want it too big or too long.

Fake Nail Glue (you quite often get this with a set of fake fingernails)

Fake Blood

Scab Blood

Red Lipstick and brush


Jeweler's Large 7" Push Drill for Micro Bits
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This micro mini hand drill works perfectly for drilling precision holes into tiny projects. You control the speed and you have complete control. These are very handy tools to have.


Take your drilling tool and manually drill a hole into the fake fingernail of your choice.  The index finger is a common one to use and since you use your hands when talking or communicating it will be very noticeable.  Remember you are going for the “gory” factor with this Halloween Nail Art.

Attach the nail to you finger with the glue, you may want to attach the whole set so that your fingernails all look the same for a more realistic effect.  You could give yourself a beautiful French manicure while you are at it.  

Make sure they are set and dry.  Now comes the fun bit.  Fill the hole you made with some red lipstick on a brush to give the look of an injury.  You may want to add some darker colours to this as well to visually make the hole look deeper and raw.  

You can do this by also adding some blue to the red in the center.  It will already look gory!  You could leave it at this if you want, but more than likely you will want the whole effect.

Now take the glue and put a good blob in the red hole you just created and then glue the top half of the nailhead  into the hole and hold it in place until the glue sets.

Then add some glue to the underside of your finger and now glue the other half. 

Check out this video to get the idea, you can build on this or add more injuries!

Scab Blood Has a Very Gory Effect

Don’t forget to make the surface look a bit ragged which you can do with clippers or something to tatter the edge.  Just imagine what would happen to your fingernail with that kind of injury on it, there would be some cracking for sure.

You can also get scab blood which is a darker pastier product that creates more dimensions to your scab around the injury with a congealed blood look.  This adds a very realistic look to the base of the injury and maybe a product you will want to add to your Halloween supplies.

Ben Nye BLOOD Fresh Scab Gel 1 oz
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This product is thicker and will give a "built up" look for your injury.

Then simply add the dripping fake blood and you will have a very real and gory injury that will be noticed at that party.

There are so many ways for creating cool Halloween costume ideas with makeup, such as How to Make a Fake Scar, or create sexy cat eye makeup or go all the way with zombie makeup.  Get creative, allow yourself some time to create your effects and simply have fun.

This definitely will make a statement, especially when you are raising your drink to your mouth and showing off your finger.  Or tell your friends you “broke your nail” and watch their faces.  This is perfect for Halloween.

Bottle of Fake Blood
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you can use this for all kinds of costume ideas. Very realistic.