If you really want some cool plastic wine glasses for that trip to the cottage or that backyard barbeque, then you should check these out.

Not only are they made from clear acrylic (no more smashed glasses) but they light up as well, now you can find them all later!

These are LED equipped that come in a set of 4, and already have the little tiny battery pre-installed.  You just choose when you want them to light up, which you could do as soon as the party begins and watch them get brighter as the light outside fades.

These make awesome table decorations too.  Get a few of them together on a buffet table along with the bottle, and the light show is stunning.  The stems of the glasses light up with a rainbow of colours.

Having a party that includes wine, doesn’t mean it has to be poured into simple boring cups, there are lots to choose from now.  Wine is big business, and now so are the glasses.  If you have been getting those large pack of no name cheap disposable ones at the grocery store  (that just end up in the landfill afterwards, assuming you can find them all from the backyard or the ones that blew away) then you should try these to add some pizzaz to your buffet or dining room table or to that barbeque out on the back deck or patio.

Set a few of these on the table and set them to turn on Cool Plastic Wine Glassestheir LED lights, and they will be the talk of the party.  Now everyone knows which one is theirs, and there is a good chance they will not lose this glass like they usually do with those cheap little plastic grocery store ones.

Not that there is anything wrong with plastic ones, but if you are going for the plastic because you don’t want to break your good ones outside or at that picnic, then you can still go for some party style by using washable and totally reusable glasses.

Lot of 4 of LED Light Up Flashing Wine Glasses

These can be kept and used over and over, the battery lasts a very long time, and they can be part of the party decorations.  These work well at most parties but especially nice at bridal showers and parties etc.

So, get some nice wine, and then pour it into these instead of those tiny disposable ones that just end up broken or in the garbage, and reuse these over and over with no worries about breakage.

You can get funky wine glasses at some wine stores and any store that sells wineware and kitchenware, but some of the biggest varieties are online.  There is a huge assortment to choose from by shopping online.

If you are looking for something a little different, such as these LED lighted wine glasses,  for that next dinner party or backyard event, then consider getting cool plastic wine glasses that light up the night.  You can see them in people’s hands out in the garden too.  After dark this is a really cool effect.   

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