Buying school supplies can be a dreadful and boring experience. But it's worth spending some tschool supplies(57006)ime choosing the right school supplies. Buying cool school supplies for boys can help get them excited about going back to school after the long summer. It can really improve your childrens school experience to consider not only the funtionality of school supplies but also how they are percieved by your child and his classmates. Choosing cool school supplies can help them have a great time in class.

What are cool school supplies for boys?

So it's that time of year again where your dragging your kids to the shop to buy school supplies. You'll get bombarded with branded stationery such as Transformers and Ben 10. Trends in school supplies however  are changing all the time so following the latest trends isn't necessarily the best thing to do. As soon as the brand gets out of fashion, your child is stuck with untrendy items which he may even be embarrassed about. Even worse, he may end up being laughed at or worse.

So if cool school supplies aren't about following the latest trends, then what exactly are they?

First of all, they should be appropriate to your little boy's age. There's really nothing worse for a 10 year old child to turn up on his first day at school wearing a teletubbies backpack. First impressions are important and something like this will definitely ruin it for them.

Secondly, cool school supplies should be hard-wearing. There's no point in buying nice school suplies if they're getting tattered and worn after a month. Worn school supplies are so uncool.

Thirdly, it's important for your son to have a say into his school supplies. This doesn't mean you have to buy your son anything he likes but back to school supplies have to be cool in your little boy's eyes. This will ensure that he'll take good care of them. If he's proud of his pens etc he'll be eager to use them rather than try and hide them away. Ideally take him shopping with you but if that's not an option, why not have a browse online together. Find out what colours or designs he likes. Your child will not only be happier about his school supplies, he will also be proud of having chosen them himself.

Finally, choose at least one item which is unique and different. Even if you don't get all thecool school supplies supplies quite right, this one unique object can make all the difference. They don't have to be very expensive, they just need to be a little quirky. Why not try something like the Happy Little Beans erasers. These quirky erasers come in packs of 3, all have different shapes and faces and best of all they are cheap. Not only will they come in very useful, they'll also be the envy of all the other kids. Or why not try colouring pebbles? These are like crayons but in the shape of pebbles and are sure to be envied. Another option would be a flexible calculator. This gadget doesn't break when bent and kids will be amazed by it. Most kids will have bulk standard school supplies so anything that stands out will be a bonus.

Why should you buy cool school supplies for boys?

It's important to enjoy school. The first step in enjoying school is to have the right school supplies. So why are cool school supplies better than standard school supplies?

Cool school suplies will help your child feel more confident. On the first day back at school, a lot of children are insecure and shy. Having cool school supplies will help break the ice and give them something to talk about. These initial bonds with other children will be very useful during the rest of the school year.

You'll want to make your child's experience at school as pleasant as possible. Part of this means they need to fit right in and you definitely don't want them to be teased or laughed at. Now I'm not saying that buying cool school supplies will mean they don't get teased but at least you can try to make sure they don't get teased because of their school supplies.

Hopefully cool school supplies will mean your son's proud of them as well. This should help your child take good care of his school supplies. He'll also be more likely to not lose his school suplies or make sure he gets his school supplies back after lending them to a fellow classmate.

And finally, cool school supplies may also help motivate your child to do his homework. If he has nice school supplies to use and enjoys using them then just maybe it may contribute to your childs motivation to do their homework.

Where to buy cool school supplies?

The ideal places to buy cool and cheap school supplies are some of the main stream supermarkets like Asda, WH Smith, Argos for the UK and Walmart for the US. Asda can help out a lot, as they not only stock stationery equipment but school uniforms too, making it an ideal one-stop-shop for back to school shopping trips. They stock a large variety of cool pens and pencil cases for very little money. If you're a little strapped for cash, you can try local £1 shops. They can sometimes have great offers on things your child will need for school and they may have some more unusual items too.

Don't forget the internet either. With websites such as ebay, cool school supplies should be easy to find and be inexpensive. Another really great website is They sell some very interesting erasers in the shapes of elephants, penguins, pigs and footballs, all for less than a pound. There are a lot of interesting and cool school supplies to be found online if you shop around a little.


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