Cool shower curtains are unfortunately an extremely underrated bathroom accessory. While many people recognize them for their effective functionality in blocking water from splashing out of the shower area; most neglect their styling potential. Due to the size of the shower curtain, it is among one of the most dominant accessories within the bathroom that can have the most effect on which direction a particular theme goes. In some cases, people looking to update their bathrooms only need to replace the shower curtain to get an entirely new look.

Cool Shower Curtain Styles

Cool shower curtain designs are a unique take on the traditional shower curtain that incorporates a highly personalized or off-the-wall design aspect to the curtain and make it stand out. These designs consist of anything from a customized hand-painted style, to a novelty take on a favorite theme or object; the options are limitless.

coolshowercurtain1Water Saving Shower Curtains

These unique designs are a creative way to remind someone it is time to get out of the shower. Through an interaction with the steam and other various forms of water vapor that are prevalent during the shower, the spikes inflate and push you out of the shower after a specific amount of time. Should you choose to fight these eco-enraged spikes, you will undoubtedly have an uncomfortable experience for the remainder of your shower.


cool shower curtain 2Pac-Man Shower Curtains

This modern take on a classic video game character has been received quite well by the masses. A fun and festive design, this shower curtain exhibits an extremely vivid color scheme and intricately busy pattern across the surface that might just cause you to go to into the bathroom solely to look at it. Whether you throw a shower curtain like this up due to an eccentric tendency, or simply want to bring forth a comforting aspect of your past; these types of styles are sure to attract attention.


Sleek Modern Scoolshowercurtain3tyles

These designs are the epitome of modern style with a mix of over-the-top expression. Due to the overwhelming exhibition of contemporary styling through the various patterns, portrait depictions and at times, vivid color schemes, some people find them unappealing because they are so overwhelming in the space in which they are incorporated. Regardless, they pose a dominating center-piece in any bathroom theme that can greatly update the overall look of the entire space.


Cool shower curtains are a fun way to personalize your bathroom while simultaneously updating your theme. Through the endless supply of creative options available, there is a look that suits just about any preference.