One of the reasons that people like to go to Russia is because it is such an exotic location. Russia is a huge Country and there is no way you can explore the entire area with one vacation. Although you may think you can see a lot of Russia on one trip you really cannot. You may be able to see a lot; hover, the amount you get to see versus the entire size of Russia will be a truly miniscule amount. Regardless of where you go in Russia there are some things you should try and see. If you get a chance to visit Russia then you should definitely capitalize on that and visit Russia. Here are some cool spots to visit in Russia.

Moscow State University

Moscow State UniversityCredit:

Moscow State University has been around since 1755. It was renamed Moscow State University in 1940. The Russians like to claim that the Moscow State University is home to the tallest educational building in the World. This is arguable but there is no disputing the beauty of the architecture used on the campus of the Moscow State University.

A visit to Moscow State University will also give you ample opportunity for people watching. If you like people watching then you will love this activity if you visit Russia. The variety of people, sizes, fashions, and even unique Russian activities are on full display at the Moscow State University.

There are about 47,000 total students on the campus of the Moscow State University. Moscow State University is a huge employer. Moscow State University is able to attract many students from all around the World. Imagine going to school at Moscow State University!

Although you probably will never get the opportunity to attend school at the Moscow State University you should definitely swing by this cool campus if you ever get the chance to Visit Moscow, Russia.

Saint Basil's Cathedral

Saint Basil's CathedralCredit:

Another awesome place to visit when you are in Moscow is the Saint Basil's Cathedral. The Saint Basil's Cathedral is a truly beautiful piece of Russian styled architecture. Russia has a very unique style of architecture, but even the Saint Basil's Cathedral is unique by Russian Standards. There is truly no other building in the World that that has the same design as the Saint Basil's Cathedral. Saint Basil's Cathedral is located on red Square near the Kremlin.

 The State Historical Museum

The State Historical MuseumCredit:

The State Historical Museum is also located on Red Square in Moscow. The State Historical Museum looks great and the appearance of this Russian building makes the colors look different. You can see 2 different pictures of The State Historical Museum from different angles and the entire color scheme may appear differently.

The State Historical Museum is the largest museum in Russia and has over 4.7 million pieces in their collection!


Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Oblast


Svetlogorsk is a town located along the water. The beach activity here makes it a very attractive town for visitors. Svetlogorsk is very popular with Russians who are looking to get away from their urban life for the weekend. A visit to Svetlogorsk is like visiting the Jersey Shore except the buildings look a lot cooler. Svetlogorsk is located align the banks of the Baltic Sea.



Novosibirsk is the third largest City in Russia. The only Russian towns bigger than Novosibirsk are Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Novosibirsk is in Siberian Federal District. The town is located in the Southern portion of Siberia.

Not very many travelers to Russia get a chance to visit Novosibirsk. If you can organize a trip to Novosibirsk you can literally spend your entire vacation here and never lack for things to see and do. There are numerous attractions in Novosibirsk and because Novosibirsk is not a huge tourist spot for foreigners there will not be near as many “Tourist Traps” to be found as compared to other areas that are popular with foreign tourists including Moscow.

The growth of the City of Novosibirsk came when a Bridge was built across the River Ob for the Trans-Siberian Railroad. A huge science center has since been built in Novosibirsk which has allows for a more varied economy. Adding to the economic stability of Novosibirsk is that it is where numerous large companies have placed their corporate headquarters.

Because Novosibirsk is located in Siberia it can get extremely cold in the wintertime. If you get the chance to visit Novosibirsk then you should also check out the zoo in Novosibirsk.

The Russian People

Russian Bikini Ice BathCredit:

The Russian People are a wonderful group. There are so many different sub0segments to the history of the Russian people that it can be hard to track if not impossible. The thing about the Russians is they are wonderful people. Regardless of where you go in Russia you will see and meet many amazing people. Learning Russian may seem overwhelming and hard but even if you cannot communicate verbally with the Russians you can at least do a lot of people watching while over there.

In many ways the Russians have become very westernized by dressing like Americans and listening to American music. Although many things in Russia are now Westernized there are still countless unique people you will meet over in Russia. You never know what the Russians will be doing. That is quirky, funny, or unique.

Although we as Americans are no longer in a Cold War with Russia, there still can be some tension. It is important to remember that any lingering tension is between our Country the United States and their Country. We as individuals are not fighting with each other. We should not visit Russia and try to politicize our visit. There is enough politics in the World. Instead what we should be doing on our vacation to Russia is simply to learn and have fun. There is a lot to learn about these amazing people and the history is very long. The history of the entire World can all be traced to Russia in one way or another.

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