There is no shortage of cool men's sunglasses out there, but they are often just so-so, or else not particularly unique -- OK so I know they aren't going to be made just for you but it'd be nice to have something a bit different from all your friends.

Here I've rounded up 5 pairs of the coolest sunglasses you'll want to be seen in come summertime, or wintertime, or indoors, or.... yes they really are that cool.

Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses

Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses are wraparound all the way so you get great all-round protection, and although this style may be on its way out for just hanging out and looking cool, this particular pair just about get away with it as there are so many color choices, so you can make it your own and very much a look for now. Oakley Fuel Cell Sunglasses AlinghiCredit:

There are a lot of different frame and lens combinations, but the one I've pictured here is tortoiseshell with bronze lenses so you get a splash of color, although the classic polished black with mirrored black Iridium is a really cool combination too. Although if you fancy something with a bit more color there are more vibrant offerings to choose from.

Smith Maverick Sunglasses

Smith Mavericks make the grade as they have a real touch of rockstar about them (in fact if you'd like to do your very best Bono impression this amber lensed pair are just the job). Smith Maverick Sunglasses - Black with Amber LensCredit:

The great thing about these though is that they come in four different colorways so if you'd rather be more understated cool there are options there for you too.

This style has a touch of the wraparound about them, without being full on so you get the protection without looking too pretentious or like you're about to hit the ski slopes. They are a little above average in the price department but the clarity of the lenses and the general build quality make you feel it's worthwhile. They fit so well too, so prove ideal for more active pursuits as well as just strutting around DisneyWorld!

Ray Ban Wayfarer's

Ray Ban Wayfarer SunglassesCredit:, you read it right. And no this article isn't a virtual time machine, but Ray Ban Wayfarer's make the list for being retro eighties cool all the way. You don't have to love Wham! to admire the laid-back cool of these babies though. Although they obviously do have that 1980s look, it isn't like it's screaming 'Boy George'; they still have a bit of timeless elegance about them that wouldn't look out of place today. This time in history is back don't you know!

This look is still so cool that it also made our list of best sunglasses for 2012 But watch out, as these are definitely a style of sun spec that is unisex, and your other half will be stealing them in no time.

Spy Optics Tron - Even the Name is Cool!

Something more eye catching you say? Spy Optics Tron sunglasses give you that in spades. Spy Optics Tron - Checkers Grey with Silver GradientCredit:

The Tron look has a strong appeal to a large audience of men and here they have been given a really high fashion makeover (in fact it's from the Premium fashion set). Despite the striking style though, you'd be forgiven for thinking that these specs are all style and no substance as these feature lightweight but quality frames and they are supposedly scratch and shatter resistant, so they should be able to put up with just about anything you can throw at them.

I should also point out that they are available in a whole ton of colorways too, so if you want something that stands out from the crowd but not the particular pair pictured then you have a load more to choose from.

Oakley Twenty (2012) Sunglasses

Oakley 2012 sunglasses have a touch of the Terminator about them, only updated for the more discerning pair of male eyes. Oakley Twenty (2012) SunglassesCredit:

OK so you are always going to pay a bit more for the quality of Oakley but these are in the mid-priced range at around $120. And while these are very 'now' they certainly aren't going to look outdated in the next year or two, so it's a pretty sound investment.

These are also likely to be the more comfortable of the sunglasses featured here (or anywhere), so you don't have to worry about 'no pain no gain' when it comes to looking cool in a pair of Oakley's.

Cool & Comfortable

So what do you think? Cool men's sunglasses for this summer or what! Although these are all really cool options I hope you've realized that I put more thought into it than just the looks; performance of the lenses to protect your eyes as well as how comfortable they are to wear for hours on end is equally as important.

Think I've missed a cool pair from my list? Drop me a line below and let me know.