One of the most intriguing aspects of life in the Wild West is how much people were able to change their lives around by simply moving to a new State. Extreme outlaws such as Jesse James Could not hide out in a new town and start over but most everybody else could. You could be considered a bad man in one town and move to a new State and eventually become a respected Sheriff in the new town. Life during the Wild Wild West Days had a lot of cool things about it besides the ability to start over. Here are some of the cool things about life in the Wild West.


The area of the Western United States was newly settled and adventures were able to be had everywhere. Some people chose to be cowboys and to ride the range and help herd cattle on the long cattle drives held each year. Others wanted to be outlaws and rob banks and stage coaches. There was always some kind of new adventure you could get caught up in if you wanted to. For a brief moment in time the biggest adventure may have been the Pony Express.

Pony Express

The Pony Express did not last very long but was extremely successful while it did last. The Pony Express riders were a hearty crew who knew how to ride hard and nonstop until it was time to pass on the package to the new rider who was mounted on a fresh horse waiting to take the package to the next rider. The idea of the Pony Express was ingenious and the way it was set-up became an amazing business idea that many modern business still use strategies that were originally implemented by the Pony Express Service. The only reason that the Pony expressed stopped operating was because of the expansion of the telegraphs.


Indians are often portrayed as the bad guy that Cowboys had to fight off. In reality the Indians were forced off of their land and onto reservations. Everything these Indians had ever known or love was ripped away from them. Each tribe was also different. Overall the Indians were not a “bad guy”, but even when they were consider the bad guy they probably had good reason for it. The amount of support that Indians did to help out the white people even after all they that was done to them is truly astounding. It is pretty awesome to read the history books about Indians. The Indians were one of the most interesting aspects of the Old West Days.


In most Western movies it seems the cowboys sauntered into town and headed straight to the saloon. The saloon was filled with poker games, warm whiskey, and a bunch of men looking for fights. This is a pretty common stereotype of the Wild West Saloons but all of these things did occur. It is pretty cool that saloons were so successful. In some boom towns there were like seemingly 1 bar for every 30 people in town.

The saloons were not just a place to drink and get drunk. It was also a place to look for work and find out news from out East. The Saloon was like The Tumblr and Twitter of today. If you need to find out if anyone was looking for a cowhand you could stop off at the saloon before you headed out to the ranch to see if they might be working.

Cheap Land

Cheap land was available to be had. Hell, you could even get free land if you played your cards right. One of the most important things was for the ability to get cheap land and finally be able to work for them as opposed sharecropping for pennies.

Some people began ranching while others farmed. Some people just wanted to build a log cabin to call their own.

Log Cabins

Log Cabins were not just a Western thing. Log Cabins were also in the East but with a lack of sawmills out west in the beginning numerous log cabin structures were built. The log cabin was the ideal structure because it was low cost, sturdy, and if built right very insulating and comfortable to the family. Simple log cabins are among the coolest things about the Wild West days. It is vital you take the time to appreciate the beauty of a rustic log cabin instead of critiquing it for the simple design. The simple design is one of the main reasons we are here today. Although it was a simple design it was a very sturdy design and our pioneer ancestors were great builders.


 We have to ask for help to change a light bulb but the pioneers were building their own cabins and having babies with no help from a hospital. “Hey Pa, out down the pitchfork and come into the cabin, Ma is having another Baby”. The pioneers and other settlers of the Western United States were strong people who were very independent. They did not have the benefits of getting food stamps from the Government. If they needed food they had to grow it, shoot it, or barter some hides for some food.

We have become a Nation of lazy people who rely on other people for our needs. The people of the Western Frontier during the so called “Wild West Days” were usually very independent minded and more than capable of taking care of themselves. Yes there were lazy people during that periods of time and drunkards who were not nothing but a waste of society but for the most part the people were of a much stronger breed than we are today. They were not babied and they would be absolutely shocked at how lazy our modern society has become. The hardworking gene is still in our DNA, but we need to reach down far and work hard to bring this gene back out. If we can get more traits like the old pioneers and cowboys had then we will be much better off as a society.