As someone who has lived in Southern California I can tell you of multiple reasons why you would like to like to live there. I can also tell you of different reasons why you would not like to live there. I am not one of the anit-California haters. I truly love the State. The State of California is very diverse from the Redwoods in the North to the awesome beaches in the Southern Part of the State. There are numerous things I can focus on about that you may find interesting but the following are a few of the things that I love about San Diego in the Southern California region.

Fishing off the Pier

Taking a lawn chair down to the end of the pier and fishing is truly awesome. You never know what you will catch and condensing that I am from Idaho I often did not know what it was that I had caught. Fishing off the pier was always an adventure for me.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a huge draw (ha ha huge draw...into the lungs) to the benefits of living in Southern California. If I was living in California I would have a medical marijuana card. How cool would that be? Just for the record, I do have a medical condition and I would get approved for it. Even if you do not have a medical condition you can often still get medical marijuana card given to you if you know how to go about it.

Balboa Zoo

You can see animals at the Padres games when the fans get drunk. If you want to see real animals then head to Balboa Zoo. Balboa Zoo is truly a pretty awesome place to visit. I like watching animals and Balboa Zoo is one of my favorite Zoos.

Universal Studios

Got to where the movies are made. Yes Universal Studio has some theme park styled rides that are pretty cool but seeing some of the homes and sets used to make movies is my favorite experience at Universal Studios.

Sea World

How many whales can be named Shamu? Who cards because meeting Shamu and seeing all the cool water life at Sea World is a kick in the pants. If you have never been to Sea World then I highly recommend you go check it out.

Pacific Beach

The Pacific Beach area is by far one of the coolest parts of San Diego. There are great beaches, a fun boardwalk, and a lot of nightlife. Rent a bike and go cruising the beach.  You can cruise up and down the boardwalk.


You have Petco Park with the San Diego padres and Qualcomm Stadium with the San Diego Chargers. In addition you also have a lot of collegiate sporting events and prep sports. One of the highlights each year is the Holiday Bowl held each year.

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