Cool Things To Do With Auto Interior Paint

Some people may call it cheesy, and others may call it classy, but there are definitely many cool things that you can do with auto interior paint. Whether your desire is to change the color of the entirety of the inside of your car or simply to touch up a few of the chipped pieces, auto interior paint will definitely do the job! Dupli-Color, and Krylon are definitely two of the most popular and reputable brands of auto interior paint; they will do the best job for the most reasonable price. It is definitely important to follow the proper steps that include sanding, priming, painting, and applying a clear coat; following these steps will make the difference between a good job that lasts a week, and a great job that lasts a lifetime!

Color The Parts Of Your Door Panels With Auto Interior Paint

This is a common thing to do in the import car scene; it involves coloring the various pieces of your door panel that include the handles, window knob, speaker grills, and vinyl pieces. Many people choose to do this with the color of their car's exterior body or a different shade of the original color of the car's interior pieces; however, the choice is entirely up to your discretion. Coloring the various pieces of your door panels is a great thing that you can do with auto interior paint; it is relatively easy to do, and will spice up the inside of your car by a significant degree.

Touch Up The Pieces Of Your Dashboard With Auto Interior Paint

The pieces on your dashboard tend to chip and fade over the life of the vehicle due to factors like the sunlight, and condensed air; moreover, this can cause the car to look a lot older than it actually is. However, there is an easy solution that involves using auto interior paint, and a little bit of handy work. Almost every single car has pieces on a dashboard that can be removed with relative ease; the easiest being able to be simply pulled off, and the hardest having to unscrew one bolt that is securing the piece to the dashboard. Once the pieces are removed, you can easily apply some Dupli-Color or Krylon, and you will be ecstatic about the results that are produced.

Accent Your Every Second Piece With Auto Interior Paint

Some cars come with one base color throughout the entire interior; they lack accent, and it takes away from the aesthetic value of the inside of the vehicle. This can easily be fixed with some auto interior paint that you can purchase at your local car body store. Every interior piece of a car has a few accent pieces that are attached to it; the solution simply involved leaving those base interior pieces alone, but painting those accent pieces with some of the paint that you would have bought. The color that you choose is entirely up to your discretion, and you will find that almost every color looks great when used as an accent!

Touch Up The Inside Of The Body Of The Car With Auto Interior Paint

Sometimes things like dirty boots, water, and mud can ruin the car's body color that is featured in the inside of the vehicle on things like the door sills, door pillars, and trunk liner. This can also easily be fixed with some of the auto interior paint that can be purchased to match the body of your car. This color will match your car's body exactly, but is formulated to suit the conditions that are in the interior of a car rather than the exterior. Better suited paint for the conditions will equal a longer life for the job that you have done.

Color The Cloth Items With Auto Interior Paint

Many people also choose to color things like the carpet, seats, and floor mats that have came with their car; this doesn't float everyone's boat, but there are definitely quite a few fans for this option. It can be a relatively easy thing to do with auto interior paint as it requires nearly no preparation. You must simply apply the spray can to the area in which you wish to color, and apply a clear coat to prevent anything from affecting the color that you have applied!

There are literally hundreds of things that you can do with auto interior paint that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle significantly. This article lists and describes the 5 most practical and functional things to do to the interior of your car that involve altering the color with auto interior paint. All of the techniques that are featured in this article can all be done with auto interior paint. The only concern when using these techniques is doing them properly; doing a half-proper job will only lead to the need to re-do it less than a month later. However, if you put forth the extra effort to complete the job properly, there is no doubt that you will be absolutely satisfied with the results that you are able to produce!