Rome and the rest of Italy is loaded with countless ancient artifacts and buildings. New discoveries are being made each year. The amount of history that can be found here in Italy is truly amazing. Here are some places that you will find fascinating if you get to visit Italy.

The Roman Forums


Forums are some of the most famous ancient ruins the World. The ruins of the ancient Roman Forums are maybe only overshadowed arguable by the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Anytime you see anything on the History Channel relating to the ancient Romans then you can know that the Roman Forums was the heart of Romans. The vast history of the Romans is still here and you can visit the Roman forums. An Italian Tour that starts and ends in Rome will give you plenty of time to explore the acient ruins that reside here.



Siena is in the famous Tuscany region of Italy. There are numerous ancient ruins and other attractions to explore in this amazingly beautiful Italian City. One of the most popular and famous attractions is the Piazza del Campo. The Piazza del Campo is a stunning piece of architecture that is truly part of ancient history yet can be toured and visited by people still to this day. A popular way of visiting this region of Italy is with a Rome-Amalfi tour of Italy.



People watching in Italy is amazing. You will find a culture that in many ways is like ours yet at the same time vastly different. Everybody from the young teens to the old people are fascinating to watch when you visit Italy. A best of Italy tour will help you to see people from different regions and how they are different.

Eating in Italy

There is so much amazing food in Italy. It can seem at times that even the bad Italian restaurants in Italy have great food. One of the best ways to find good places to eat is to ask your tour guide for recommendations. Oftentimes on a guided tour you will have your choice of places to eat but the tour will tend to target evening dinners at places that have some of the best Italian food around. There are many great places to places to eat in Italy.