A visit to Tijuana can be a family filled event of cultural learning if you visit during the day. A visit to Tijuana can also be a drug and alcohol fueled party that can end with you bloody and lying in a back alley where you are unsure what the hell happened. Tijuana is a City of vast cultural differences. A day, or even a night, spent in Tijuana does not have to be a drug fueled rage in which you get robbed by hookers who are really men who dress as women. There is a lot to do in Tijuana and here are some of the top things to do in Tijuana that will not get you robbed, maimed raped, or tattooed stupidly.

Tijuana Cultural Center

Originally built in 1982. Although the Tijuana Center has been around for many years, a lot of American visitors rarely make it here. The Tijuana Cultural Center should be on your list of places to visit.

The Tijuana Cultural Center is an OmniMax theater. If you have never been to an Omnimax theater then you definitely need to go and see a movie there. It makes you feel like you are literally inside the movie. Omnimax is way cooler technology then 3d Movies. You will also find numerous concerts being held at the Tijuana Cultural Center as well as different artwork and artifacts on display.

Tijuana Zebra


The Tijuana Zebra and numerous other variations of it abound throughout the touristy bar areas on the Avenida Revolucion Street. This is a fun memento to post and share on Facebook. You simply get your picture took posing with the zebra. It is not something that is very common if you are from Peoria.



Futbol is called soccer by Americans but in Tijuana you will see it referred to as Futbol. Tijuana Futbol is super awesome to watch and the crowds get very active in cheering. You will definitely enjoy yourself if you attend a Mexican Futbol game, even if it is just a couple of local amateur teams. The best part of the Mexican Futbol is the hot cheer leaders!


There is a lot of Graffiti. There are many Graffiti removal companies in Tijuana and some of them advertise by using… Graffiti. There is crappy Graffiti but there is also a lot of cool looking Graffiti such as the Snoopy character in the Graffiti picture above. Keep your eye out when you are in Tijuana and you may find some awesome artwork painted on the walls and fences in this Mexican City.

Street Musicians


The quality of music that can be found by local street musicians in Tijuana is truly astounding. Many of these people work for tips only, yet they love what they do even if they do not happen to earn much money in tips from tourists on some days. If you get a chance to go to Tijuana, Mexico then keep an eye out for the street musicians. You can often find street musicians on the Avendia Revolucion.

Discount Shopping


One of the most popular activities for Americans in Tijuana is to go shopping. In Tijuana you can get the best deals if you avoid the tourist areas and are willing to negotiate. You can negotiate prices at most places. I have negotiated and bargained for prescription drugs, taxi fares, tacos, beer, and much more.

If you go to buy a beer from a club that targets American tourists then you will overpay for beer. You may have to pay $5.00 or more for beer but if you are willing to avoid the touristy areas and hang out with the locals then you can get dirt cheap beer for less than a buck each.

Regardless of where you are shopping in Tijuana make sure that you negotiate and bargain to get the cheapest prices you can.

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Bullfighting is one of the most unique sporting events you will ever go to. If you are in Tijuana then you can often find a bullfight occurring. There is even a bullfighting season. Yep, bullfighting has a season like other sports do such as football and baseball. Some people try and avoid the bullfights because they think it is mean to kill the bull at the end of the event. Many of the people who avoid bullfights because they kill the bull will then go out and eat hamburgers and other beef products. Not saying that you have to go to a bullfight but if you do it will be a very unique experience for you. Ideally you can go with a bullfighting fan who can explain some of the customers and traditions that are occurring so you can better understand the full discipline of the sport of bullfighting.

Mexican Wrestling

Forget the Donkey show because nothing is more exciting to see in Tijuana then the wrestling. Mexican wrestling is like the WWE and WWF wrestling here in the United States except it is like 1,000 times cooler. If you go to Mexico and do not visit a wrestling match then you are missing out on one of the coolest things in this great Country.