Thomas the Train kitchen utensils are great ways for young children to be able to add some fun to their breakfast, lunch, or dinner time.  As parents, it can sometimes be difficult to get the kids to eat the food you put in front of them.  And once you do get them to start eating, it can be a challenge to get them to finish their meal in a reasonable amount of time.  With fun spoons and forks, though, they little ones can eat with something their size, in fun colors, and with one of their favorite characters from books and movies along for the ride.  Here are some popular Thomas the Train spoons, forks, and other items to use at the dinner table.

Where to Find Thomas the Train Eating Utensils

One of the best things about your kids being interested in Thomas and Friends is that there is a multitude of Thomas merchandise available.  This includes eating utensils such as spoons and forks.

Amazon is a great place to find these types of sets.  There are several available and you can search for a good price that you are willing to pay.  If Amazon doesn't have what you are looking for, you can also take a look at eBay.  eBay has a mixture of new and used items as well as an ability to bid on the item you want.  And don't forget about Craigslist.  Since Thomas the Train is mostly for young children, there are parents everywhere that need something to do with their old Thomas items, and Craigslist is where many of them go to get rid of them.  Maybe silverware isn't something you want to buy used, but in any event, Craigslist is a great place to go for all sorts of used Thomas the Train equipment.

If buying online isn't something you are interested in, you can always look in retail stores.  Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us carry lots of Thomas items, and this includes spoon, forks, and other types of kitchen utensils.

The bottom line is if you look around long enough, you will find a good product at a price you are willing to pay.  And as always, especially with online purchases, make sure you understand the return policy.

Pecoware Thomas the Tank Engine Spoon and Fork Set

Pecoware Thomas the Tank Engine Spoon and Fork SetCredit: amazon.comThe Pecoware Thomas the Tank Engine spoon and fork set is a colorful set that features Thomas and his friends on the handle of the utensils.  The handles are made of plastic while the rest of them are made from stainless steel.  Of course, the edges are round, perfect for young children, and the spoon and fork are dishwasher safe.  Another great feature of this Pecoware set is the storage case that comes with it.  This is great for traveling or just making sure you hang onto the set.

Red-Handled Thomas 2 Piece Flatware

Red-Handled Thomas the Train 2 Piece FlatwareCredit: amazon.comThis Thomas the Train silverware set features red handles and is made of stainless steel.  An image of Thomas the Train adorns the handles.  This silverware set is also safe to use in the dishwasher.  There is no carrying case with this set, but if you just plan to keep these in the same place, then the lack of a case should not be a problem.

Thomas and Friends 6-Piece Mealtime Set

Thomas and Friends 6-Piece Mealtime Set by Zak!Credit: amazon.comThis Thomas and Friends 6-piece mealtime set will make young fans of the blue train go crazy at lunch or dinnertime.  Not only do you get a spoon and fork similar to those shown above (just with blue handles) but you also get a lot more.  There is a plate, a bowl, and placemat, and a 9-ounce tumbler that holds just the right amount of water, juice, or milk.  The set is made of durable plastic and stainless steel and features many images of Thomas and his friends.  This set is dishwasher safe, but do not use it in the microwave.  Based on the reviews it is great quality and a hit with Thomas fans.

Thomas the Train 5-Piece Dinnerware Set

Thomas the Train 5 Piece Dinnerware SetCredit: amazon.comThis is a 5 piece Thomas the Train dinnerware set brought to you by Pecoware.  Included in this set is the same spoon and fork set seen above.  However, you also get a bowl, plate, and cup.  Missing is the placemat from the mealtime set above.  The cup is different from the set above as well.  Instead of a tumbler, the cup has a handle and comes with a lid.  The lid has a hole for a straw as well.  This cup can be especially handy for smaller kids that are more prone to spills than older ones.

Thomas the Train Eating Utensils Bring Fun to the Dinner Table

Kid friendly eating utensils are nothing new.  There are many types available, with many characters from television, movies, and books on the handle, Thomas the Train included.  Thomas has been a favorite for decades, and with these Thomas the Train kitchen utensils, you can bring some fun to the dinner table for your little ones.