If you do not have a central airduct system in your home and you are looking for a cost-efficient way to install air conditioning in your home, consider investing in a ductless air conditioning system.  Ductless systems are the perfect way to cool the building during hot summer months and come in a variety of different models.  While there are window mount models, split system units have become a more efficient type of air conditioner that will disperse a cool breeze in large spaces.  Understand the benefits of installing a ductless system and prepare yourself and your home for the heatwave. 

Ductless Air Conditioning
Credit: Yoni Lerner

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature in the House Without Spending a Fortune

If you own an older home that did not come standard with ducts, installing ducts can become an expensive project.  Many homeowners believe the only way to install air conditioning in their homes is to invest in HVAC supplies and central air units.  This common misconception can cause you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.  Ductless air conditioning units allow homeowners to maintain a comfortable and stable temperature in their home without spending money on installing ducts.  Split systems has a cold refrigerant piece and a quiet blower fan that will move cool air throughout the home.  With a part dedicated to removing warm air from the home, you will have a cool home all summer long without having ductwork installed. 

Avoid Blowing Cool Air to Just One Area in Your Home

The mobile air conditioner, also referred to as a swamp cooler, has become a popular alternative for homeowners without central air ducts.  If you have a mobile AC unit, the cold air is limited to the area where the unit is installed.  Your home will not stay cool when air is being pushed into one room of your home.  In addition to this, portable units will also need to be removed during winter.  

Ductless air conditioning systems have become the best solution for homeowners who do not want to have ductwork installed.  You do not have to brave the summer months without a cooling unit in your home.  If you are a wise consumer and are researching a cost-effective way to keep your home cool during spring and summer, research the split models available on the Internet.  With several quality HVAC manufacturers offering their own ductless units, you have a variety of different products to choose from that will fit in your budget.