Montana Silversmiths 2119 Large Silver barbed wire buckle

Looking for a cool silver western belt buckle designs to match your style? Silver western belt buckles are some of more popular belt buckles on the market. They have a certain cache and coolness to them. Silver western belt buckles are popular to this day, and were made popular sometime back in the early to mid 20th century. Although actual, original cowboys from the old west weren't really known for wearing silver western belt buckles, or any other kind of belt buckles. Western belt buckles became popular by western classic movies in Hollywood.

Cool silver western belt buckle designs can be custom made for your preference, or you can purchase the best western belt buckle that's suites your personal taste. Silver western belt buckles can make for great collections. Some western belt buckles can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars even. Cowboy belt buckles are in high demand and make for very popular accessories to wear.

Montana Silversmiths Longhorn Initial Western Belt Buckle - Silver western buckles make for popular longhorn designs. The longhorn cattle logo is quite popular for any Texas rancher, and the longhorn silver western belt buckles make for a cool cowboy design. This longhorn silver western belt buckle consists of a longhorn silver plated buckle, with the longhorn logo on the center of the buckle. This silver western buckle is available at Shelpers store, with the option of a mark engraving put on it as well. A very high crafted design western belt buckle for Texas cowboy lovers. Retail prices are high, $95.00 on Shelpers website.

Montana Silversmiths 1848 Western Belt Buckle - An old fashion style to this silver western belt buckle, it still makes for a great design. Montana Silversmiths make find western belt buckles. The belt buckle is engraved with old fashion western designs. This silver western belt buckle can be worn by both men and women. It has a nice traditional look to it. Retail prices can go for around $40.00.

Montana Silversmiths Cross Belt Buckle - This a beautiful belt buckle design. I love the craftsman skills of Montana Silversmiths products. Their prices might be a bit high, but the quality of their silver western belt buckles aren't cheap. The cross buckle has gold rope edging trim, with a sliver and black cross planted in the middle. This is an authentic looking western belt buckle that can look good on any cowboy or cowgirl. It's made with a protective coating to prevent cracks and rust.

Montana Silversmiths 2119 Large Silver barbed wire buckle - What a cool looking silver western belt buckle with the barbed wire. Made with silver rope trim, black trim on the inner layer, with a cowboy riding a horse planted in the middle. Any cowboy lover should appreciate this silver barbed wire buckle design. Retail price goes for $127.00.

Silver Horse Head Belt Buckle - Seems like all high quality western belt buckles are made from Montana Silversmiths products, however there are some other find belt buckle designs for cowboy and cowgirls. This is designed by Gary Wiggins, who is an expert in creating silver belt buckle designs. An engraved golden horse head is planted on the middle of this silver designed belt buckle. Very nice traditional look to this handcrafted horse head belt buckle. The price is quite high at $425.

Montana Silversmiths Bull Riders Belt Buckle - A very detailed and highly crafted bull rider design engraved in silver on the right side of the buckle. A logo text engraved in black and silver is implanted on the lower left side of the buckle. The text states bull riders only. Back inlays and engraved silver cowboy up lettering on the top of the buckle. This makes for top-notch design on this cowboy belt buckle, that goes for a retail price of $100.