There are so many cool things you can do with your own photos and have fun in the process. If you enjoy taking photos and have stacks of them just sitting on your computer then you need to make them work for you and even earn money with them.



I have experimented with some of my different photos and thought I would share some of these ideas with you.

Earn money with your photos

There are many ways you can earn money with your photos. Especially, if you have captured funny signs, cute animals, insects, birds, or even natural landscape snaps in the bush. Last but not least would have to be sunrises and sunsets which are the most captured photos from all over the world. People will sit and wait for hours to get that magical shot of them.

Create your own Zazzle Store using your photos

Anyone can create their own Zazzle store and sell items using their own photos.  Zazzle takes the orders and organizes delivery. 



In this case Shar0n used a sunset photo to make this phone cover.  Although you would need to inquire about all the details required before creating your own store.

How to earn money with your photos


  • Add photos to all articles that you write, on sites on the internet  like-  Infobarrel,      hubpages squidoo, Xomba, seekyt and many other sites. Don't forget you can also earn more money on IB from your photo media pages. That is money for jam as the saying goes.
  • Join RedGage and add your photos there, they pay with a visa card
  • Upload photos to sites that pay you




Add Verses to your photos for gifts

Write a verse on your photo to suite any occasion, and give to a friend. You could send them out to friends when you are travelling instead of buying a post card.

Use your photos to brainstorm for ideas to write articles

When I cannot think of something to write about I look through lots of my photos (we have literally thousands of them. I have found loads of ideas from these on all different topics, DIY jobs we have done, animal and bird articles, travel and craft ideas too.



Gifts from family photos


The picture above is a photo of my mousepad given to me twenty one years ago by my daughter as a gift of a mouse pad. This had a photo of my Mother in law nursing my two grandchildren.  It was such a lovely and thoughtful gift and I am still using that same mousepad to this day.  

In fact I just washed it and thought I know where I can display that lovely gift right here in my infobarrel article.

There are so many ways you can have photos displayed on mugs, and other assorted novelties and keepsakes that will remind you of a special event in your lifetime.

Digital Fun Art



Anyone can play with a normal photo, and create something different. It does not matter which photo software you have, just open the program then open a photo and make a copy of the photo. Never use the original photo when playing with different tools.



The above photo was taken at Rockingham over our back fence

Click on effects and try different ones, artistic, geometric, reflection and kaleidoscope or any of the different effects. If you do not like what you see then click on the little back arrow and start again. Never save it unless you want to keep that effect. Have fun doing this.

How to make a window frame scene



The normal person would play with the different layers but I found that too complicated for this little black duck. I copied a 2 pain window frame into word. Then I cut a sunset photo into two pieces, and posted each piece into the frame in the word document, resizing to make them fit.

I then copied a section of curtain and put it on each side of window. Then I added the top frill. I copied this from word and saved into photo software and resized it. It was a lot of fiddling but another challenge for me to achieve. You can also brighten your home by creating a picture like the one above to lighten a dark room with a fake or faux window.



In this photo I swapped my sons head and replaced it with my daughters they were very young then.  Hope they do not see this.  Not a good conversion as did in a hurry.  I did this with the two people on the one photo which made it easier.

Swap the heads of people or pets

This is something that all kids love to do. Some programs will do the hard work for you. Although you need to have the same size faces so it won’t look out of place. Or you could copy fur from the dog onto the arm of a person. Do this using the clone brush.

Better still why not cut the dogs legs of and put them onto that of your friend.
Remember whatever you do make sure you only do this on a copy of a photo not the original.

Add more fruit to your tree or extra people.

If your poor old fruit tree did not produce much fruit then use the clone tool and add more by moving to tool further over the tree. (You need to right click on where you want to put the fruit and then move it about.) Practice makes it perfect.


You can also fiddle with the effects tools

This was a photo shown below, I took in my garden of a lilly. I used the same photo and by clicking on effects then going to artistic effects I experimented with the different choices.  You too can do the same to see what sort of images you can create with the one photo.

Remember to always work with the copy of a photo.  This is really a cool way to play with your own photos and have fun at the same time.


Repair cracked and damaged photos

These cracks can be repaired by using the clone tool.

Other cool things you can do with your photos

• Make a calendar with your pet or travel photos give away as gifts
• Create home décor by printing and framing photos
• Create a DVD of your travel holidays
• Create a family history DVD, or one of children as they grow and send to grandparents
• Make a collage of the family, place in photo frame for a gift.

Remember before you can do anything with photos you have to get clicking and try to capture some sunset photos like these

So why don’t you get clicking with your camera and experiment.  I bet you could find lots of other different cool things like keeping memories of your pets alive with your own photos.  If you have some more ideas why not share them in the comments below.

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When buying filters: make sure you buy the right ones to fit your particular camera as there are many different sizes.

Experimenting with settings on your camera

Never forget that you can experiment when taking the original photos.  Digital cameras have many settings in the camera itself. Although all cameras are different you will have to look at the options of your own camera.

Plus you can buy assorted lenses and filters to add different types and effects of photos.  Like oval, picture frame, macro and many other types of effects.  You can also turn on/off dates showing on the photos taken. Personally I hate thd date on them as it could spoil a special shot of a bird or similar.  I then have to use my clone tool to remove it.

Remember the bigger the lens the closer and more details you capture with your camera. Although sometimes it can be frustrating as you may have the wrong lens on when taking that special close up shot of a flower.  It will either be too big or too small.  For instance if you have a 300 lens on it will be difficult to capture those ants eating a bee as it will not focus as you are too close to it. You will have to step back a foot or more.

You can create sepia images, or change the settings if taking moving objects for a better shot.

So go through the manufacturers guide and learn how to experiment with your camera. If you have one of the point and shoot cameras then you may not have these options.

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